Коллекция Sabatini Gin Combo, Сделано в Италии, Лондонский сухой Джин 5 cl -2 lt

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Sabatini Gin is a premium London Dry Gin produced through a handcrafted method, both in the distillation process and in its quest to fulfill very particular and refined product specifications, such as the presence of wild fennel and lemon verbena in the aromatic blend.
There are nine homegrown Tuscan botanicals in Sabatini Gin. Most of these are wild plants harvested mainly on the family’s own land and in the surrounding area, whereas Juniper, renowned for its excellent quality, is harvested in various other parts of the region.

Sabatini Gin 41.3% - 5 cl, 36 bottles
Sabatini Gin 41,3% - 2 lt, 5 bottles

Company Profile

Four members of the Sabatini family are responsible for creating SABATINI GIN: Ugo, his two sons Enrico and Niccolò, and Ugo’s
cousin, Filippo.

Sharing a fondness for an aperitif before meals, a family custom that dates back to the early 1900s, as well as the desire to
undertake a family project, the four men decided to join forces in order to create an Italian business history that today boasts a
great success and
a fast expansion of its products worldwide.

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