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Frozen Fresh Japanese King Horned Turban - Gift Pack ( Kama-sazae )
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How many have ever tasted Japan's seafood delicacy, Sazae (Horned turban)? It is a kind of conch and the meat is very savory and tasty once grilled. Normally its size varies from 5 - 8 cm, but there is one exception. Kama-Sazae (Kama means Large Kettle). It is only caught in Izu water, and as big as 13 cm and weighs 0.5 kgs! Some may have seen how Japanese female free divers called Ama-San dive and reappear with baskets full of Sazaes at their backs.It is seasonal and very rare. But this innovative fishery company, located along the Izu beachline engaged the most advanced rapid freezing technology to produce this very fresh and hygienic frozen Kama-Sazae.

Defreezing before serving by running water for 20 - 30 minutes is highly recommended. Due to the very limited catch, only Gift-Box version is on sale. Total 3 packs inside one Gift Box that weighs about 1.5 kgs. 1 is for Sashimi (Raw), 1 is lightly steamed and cooked and another is their livers. Complete with 3 large shells. Savor this extremely rare delicacy from the beutiful sea waters in Shizuoka, Japan!
(Shell Life) 1 year frozen

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Company Profile

Hinode Global Co. Ltd.
Founded in 2014 by members who have successful international achievements in different segments. Innovative and far-sighted, we started from introducing Japanese food & beverage category that is healthy and famous, yet to be integrated well into the standard international menus. We work closely with manufacturers to introduce the real good ones. And not only the products, but also the people behind matters for us. It is not just capital, building nor facilities, but people. People first, then business and products. It is our policy. More to come, Hinode Global, "Another Sun, Another Life".

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