Детское мыло для тела и волос 500 мл

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Products Description

Designed to remove unwanted dirt while leaving the skin well hydrated,
this shampoo gently cleanses both hair and body with its soft foam.

①Formulated without seven classes of additives
Free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colorings, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, and silicones
②Formulated at a weakly acidic pH similar to that of the skin

●Baobab oil
Baobab oil is also known as "magic oil" for its ability to replenish essential fatty acids necessary for the healthy skin of babies.
Its vitamin C content effectively alleviates symptoms of allergies and eczema.
As this product is formulated with natural ingredients, it is safe for individuals with eczema and sensitive skin to use with peace of mind.

●Holy basil
Holy basil is an organic ingredient that boosts metabolism and possesses antibacterial properties.
It also helps to regulate hormones and strengthen the immune system.

●Hydrolyzed royal jelly protein
Derived from royal jelly, this ingredient is capable of calming breakouts and protecting the skin from irritants such as detergents and friction from cleaning.

●Hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate 
This is a derivative of hyaluronic acid with powerful adsorptive properties. This special derivative of hyaluronic acid creates a veil of moisture across the skin and hair.

What is BabiNISTA?
BabiNISTA is a hypoallergenic skincare brand designed for the whole family.

The love you have for the child you have given birth to is immeasurable.

For babies and pregnant women who suffer from eczema and other skin problems
For pregnant women who wish to care for the skin of their babies better than anyone else
For pregnant women who wish to care for their own skin before and after childbirth better than anyone else
We strive to bring high-quality skincare that is safe and reliable to all babies and pregnant women.

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Baby Body & Hair Soap 500ml
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