Seafood Live Canadian Frozen Lobsters (Frozen Live Canadian Lobster)

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We sell the below list of Live Lobsters at best lowest market prices .

Blue Squat Lobster
Swarming Squat Lobster
Colorado Langostino
Pelagic Crab
American Lobster
European Lobster
Norway Lobster
Southern Rock Lobster
Cape Spiny Lobster
St. Paul Spiny Lobster
Eastern Spiny Lobster
Japanese Fan Lobster
Spanish Slipper Lobster
Brazilian Slipper Lobster
Ridged Slipper Lobster
Flathead Locust Lobster
Blunt Slipper Lobster
Natal Spiny Lobster
Common Spiny Lobster
Gilchrist Spiny Lobster
Pink Spiny Lobster
Caribbean Spiny Lobster
Western Red Lobster
Green Spiny Lobster
Scalloped Spiny Lobster
Blue Spiny Lobster
California Spiny Lobster
Japanese Spiny Lobster
Smoothtail Spiny Lobster
Hawaiian Spiny Lobster
Ornate Spiny Lobster
Pronghorn Spiny Lobster
Mud Spiny Lobster
Royal Spiny Lobster
Painted Spiny Lobster
Caribbean Lobsterette
Urugavian Lobster
Red-banded Lobster
Florida Lobsterette



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American Lobster









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Shelf Life:

7 Days

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Supply Ability

Supply Ability

5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Foam Box with Ice!


Kolkata, Grenada, Brisbane...


Exporters of Live Lobsters/Chilled Fresh Lobsters/Frozen Lobsters!

Chilled Rock Lobsters from India!

Frozen Green Lobsters from Indonesia!

Frozen Western Rock(Red) Lobsters from Australia!

Frozen Pink Lobsters from Mauritania!

Live Red Spiny Lobsters from South America!

Live Lobsters supply ability 6000 Kgs Per week!

Frozen Lobsters monthly 150 Tons!   

Product Description


Health Benefits of Lobsters:

 Lobsters are low in fat content, making them one of the best choices for health conscious people. The high content of protein makes this food beneficial, especially for athletes.

 Lobsters are low in cholesterol and thereby, they assist in maintaining triglyceride levels in the body and keeping the heart healthy.

 Like other seafood, lobsters are also a good source of omega 3-fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of the heart and brain. These fatty acids help in lowering the risk of arrhythmias, which can lead to sudden cardiac deaths. Furthermore, the compounds in lobsters facilitate in reducing the growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque and lowering the blood pressure.

 Lobster can be very effective in preventing various health disorders such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer and chronic conditions involving bone, connective tissue, heart and blood vessels....

Zinc found in lobsters is necessary for increasing activities of the brain, boosting the immune system and preventing loss of vision. In addition, this mineral also effectively heals injuries in body tissues.

 Phosphorus, found in abundance in lobsters, aids in the formation of teeth and bones. It facilitates the rate of metabolism, enhances the functioning of kidneys and lessens joint pain...

 Being a great source of vitamin B12, lobsters also help in maintaining the red blood cells and nerve cells. It improves the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and prevents other neurological problemss...

 Lobsters possess the trace element, selenium, which is beneficial for triggering the activity of thyroid glands as well as the immune system. Selenium is known to protect the body cells against free radicals during the process of metabolism, apart from monitoring the oxidation of cholesterol to prevent coronary artery disease....
















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