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AS GLOBAL LLC has its foundation built on tradition and that has followed through for two decades where quality and commitment across its range of products has been the utmost focus of the brand. As their marketing and distribution partners we at IMPEX LTD have witnessed the highest level of positive response and admiration for AS GLOBAL LLC’ products. Our wide distribution network has anonymously enabled a positive reinforcement with AS GLOBAL LLC and no negative backlashes
whatsoever. We are proud to be associated.
I have been approached by many companies to help distribute their products. None however has given the benefit and value that AS GLOBAL LLC in partnership with Unol Pvt. has given me. I am simply astonished by the extensive demand for AS GLOBAL’ range of products across even the most rural economies of this country where I operate. This proves that the brand brings about a standard of quality that no other brand can match. AS GLOBAL LLC & Unol Pvt. consider me a part of their family, recognize and attribute me to their success, in spite of being a distributor for a small geography. I couldn’t ask for more.
The margins I gain from AS GLOBAL LLC’ range of products are undoubtedly the best. With an impeccable distribution system, I never have to tell my customers that any of the AS GLOBAL LLC’ products are out of stock, in spite of the high demand for their range of products. This definitely is testament as to how easy it is to sell AS GLOBAL LLC’ range of products to my customers and I can blindly vouch for all sellers agreeing to my statement. As a consumer myself, I realized that it is their impeccable quality across their range of products resulting in such high demand.

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