Чистое кунжутное масло, лучшее качество, Подарочная бутылка для растительного масла, стеклянная упаковка в упаковке, пластиковый вкус для приготовления пищи

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Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame Seed Oil is a herbal oil associated with many incredible health benefits. Also popularly known as gingelly oil, Sesame Seed Oil is considered one of the best available vegetable oils for promoting healthy cooking. Use of this oil gives a sharp nutty flavour to cuisines, making them more delicious. Various pressing techniques are applied for extracting this pure grade oil that we derive from mature Sesame Seeds. Not only for culinary use, Sesame Seed Oil with its miraculous properties has also been long used for treating various diseases and disorders in the body. It is used as a popular base oil for almost 90% of other herbal oils and recipes.


Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil:

  • It is extensively used as a massage oil because of its skin healing and detoxifying properties

  • It is also utilized in the form of a carrier oil.

  • It helps eliminating infections and dandruff from the scalp.

  • Use of this oil regulates stability of all vital organs


Main Functions

Main Functions

1. Anti-aging: sesame oil rich aroma, already weakened digestive function in the elderly, not only can improve appetite, more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, sesame oil itself digestion and absorption rate was also higher, up to 98%. Meanwhile sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, can promote cell division and anti-aging functions. Long with sesame oil in the elderly, but also can prevent hair loss and premature gray hair.

2. Protection vessels: sesame oil to soften the blood vessels and keep blood vessels flexible have better results, it is rich in vitamin E, is conducive to maintaining the integrity and functioning of cell membranes, but also reduce the accumulation of lipid. Linoleic sesame oil contains about 40% unsaturated fatty acids, is easily absorbed and utilized decomposed to promote the metabolism of cholesterol, and helps to eliminate deposits on the walls of human arteries.

3. Laxative: sesame oil a lot of fat, there is a good laxative effect on constipation have a preventive effect and efficacy.
Habitual constipation patients, sooner or later, fasting drink a sesame oil, can be laxative.

4. Mitigate alcohol poisoning: There are people smoking habits and alcohol often drink sesame oil, can reduce irritation and damage, as well as a direct lung cigarette smoke spots on the teeth, gums, oral mucosa, while the absorption of nicotine is also opposed inhibition.

5. Mitigate the damage of alcohol: drink before drinking sesame oil, then the mouth, esophagus, stomach and gastric cardia play a protective role.

6. Protect his voice: drunk sesame oil can enhance the vocal elasticity, glottis close them flexible and powerful, for hoarseness, chronic laryngitis good recovery effect.

7. Treatment of rhinitis: chronicrhinitis can relieve symptoms.

8. Freckle moisturize the skin: sesame oil lecithin not only moisturize the skin, and can freckle, in particular, can get rid of
age spots.

9. Fishbone, etc. to mitigate damage to the esophagus: When swallowed fishbone, pit, bone fragments, Hekou sesame oil to make a smooth glide esophageal foreign body, reduce the damage.

10. Adjuvant treatment of bronchitis and other: suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, Hekou sesame oil before going to sleep at night can significantly reduce the cough.

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