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Pre Rolled Cordia Leaf


Coromandel/ Ebony/Tendu Leaf Rolls


About Supplier (Ourselves) - We are the inventor, pioneer and first to introduce Pre Rolled Coromandel Leaf or Pre rolled Tendu leaf  in the market back in 2010, we are one of the largest suppliers of natural rolled leaf or pre rolled leaf in India, our company is ISO and GMP certified spread over 90,000 sq.  ft. area and more than 1500 skilful labor dedicated to roll the leaf. In Leaf rolls we offer two types of pre rolled leaf one is Cordia Leaf and other Tendu or Ebony or Coromandel Leaf;


Cordia and Coromandel Leaf Product PDF (downloads)






Pre Rolled Cordia Leaf


About Cordia Pre rolled leaf The Cordia leaf comes from borage family and its known for its quality of slow burning and doent effect the taste of filled herbal blend or flower instead it comliments with a unique natural earthy flavor. Cordia Rolled leaf is available in all the sizes and different packagings;




       Mini Cordia Leaf Rolls.jpg   King palm leaf in your brand...jpg      20201119_113908.jpg


        Cordia Leaf Rolls.jpg    9 mm x 105 mm..jpg     20201119_115143.jpg




Pre Rolled Coromandel or Tendu Leaf


About Coromandel leaf - The Coromandel  leaf is a unique leaf, but unfortunately a very few people know about it, it’s super slow burning organic hand rolled leaf, with unique competitive advantages over the other similar pre rolled leaf available in the market,  till date this is the best described herbal leaf of the market.



        paste-pic-dp_uuid_pzwyu     RASTA CONES.jpg   Natural Leaf Blunts.jpg


      120 mm with colored bands.jpg     20200102_115820.jpg   Bulk 110 mm Leaf cones (2).jpg




PDF Downloads of all other products we offer - http://biogold.in/catalogues-pdf/


Available Sizes and more details on link – http://biogold.in/coromandel-ebony-leaf/



Flavored Leaf RollsWe offer a series of mind blowing flavors like … Grape, Pineapple, Blue Berry, Watermelon, Mix berry, Apple, Guava, Mint, Lemon, Clove , Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Russian Cream, Berry Blast, Rose, Cherry, Mango, Melon, Mint and many more ….


OEM - Rolled leaf in your Brand 


Pre Rolls - Packaging and Brand Development


    24K wraps 88 & 110 mm.jpg    Rasta Rolls in single Pack..jpg    24K wraps 88 mm & 110 mm.jpg        


    Bio Gold Leaf Rolls.jpg   Leaf cones in clear tube pack...jpg   BioGold Ready Pouches


   Rasta & Bio Gold Pouches.jpg    20190218_181041 (2).jpg 


Packing - http://www.biogold.in/product-catalogue/cordia-coromandel-leaf-rolls.pdf

1. Tube Pack (Plastic tubes for 84 to 95 mm cones), 3 Rolls/ Tube, 24 Tubes/ display Case (72 Rolls/ Case).


2. Clear tube pack – (acrylic clear see through tube) – this is form 88 mm to 130 mm cones, 3 to 4 rolls per tube, 12 tubes/ display.

3. Pouch Pack – for all sizes – 3 to 5 rolls/ pouch.   

4. Economy Pack – Box Packaging (100 Rolls/ Box).



UNFILTERED Tendu Pre Rolls & Packaging 


Brief about Unfiltered Cones - The unfiltered cones are offered in 84 mm, 88, mm and 110-120 mm, sizes, in unfiltered cones the filter tip is technically made, this is air tightens without any adhesive.


Importance of Unfiltered tips cones

Specially designed and technically built smoking tip act as perfect filter. Smokers says the pleasure of unfiltered pre rolled cones are more enjoyable; it tastes better than the filtered one, because tar and nicotine gets accumulated in the lower part of the cones, due to accumulation in lower end this acts as a perfect filter. The matured taste grows more and more with each puff, smoker says “The last puff is really the most enjoyable puff which is explainable.


     20190318_124740.jpg   UTB8RjoqnbnJXKJkSahGq6xhzFXah.jpg   FillnSmoke Cones 2



Cooling Corn Husk Filter Tips 

Cooling CORN HUSK Filters in Bulk - We offer corn husk filters in bulk - Corn Husk Filters are well known in the market it’s also strong and effective Filters of the market, popular for smoother and cool puffs. All the corn husk filters are herbal organic, non GMO.





      corn husk filter tips..jpg   Corn Husk Filters in Bulk 2.jpg   Bulk Corn Husk Filters..jpg



Designers Packing Sticks


We offer different unique cone packing sticks and other packing devise to pack and fill pre rolled cones.



    designers packing sticks.jpg    Designers' Packing Sticks.jpg   corn husk filter tips.jpg


Flavored Pre rolled Leaf 



Our Unique Terpenes Profiles - Flavores like Blueberry Dream, Double Apple, Apple , Grape , Russian Cream, RASTA, Rich-N-Rare, Rock-N-Roll, Grape Magic, 3 Lemon Magic, Green Tea Buzz, Temptation, Pheromones, Just-ONE, Enigma, Green Mango crack, Bio-Gold and many more …..  






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