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Описание и отзывы


Cleaning food and dairy equipment: remove precipitated calcium and magnesium compounds with ease

Fertilizer production: such as calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, etc.

Making nitrate salts: such as ammonium nitrate, silver nitrate, calcium nitrate, etc.

Gold refining, metallurgy ,and purification of various precious metals
Nitric acid is the intermediate product of the plants of a natural composition and physiological metabolism, is also one of the organic acids widely used in the field of food, chemical industry. It is colorless transparent or translucent crystal, or granular, particle powder, odorless, although has strong sour, but a pleasant, slightly astringent taste. In the warm air radually disintegrate, in the humid air, it is slight deliquescence.

Usage:Food industry Nitric acid is known as the first edible sour agent,UK is requirements for allowing the use of food acidity regulator. In food industry widely used as sour agent, solubilizer, buffering agent, antioxidant, removing fishy smell removing sweetening agent, chelating agent, its specific purpose, numerous enumeration.


1. Name: nitric acid

2. Molecular formula: HNO3

3. Molecular weight: 63.01

4. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid


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