Премиум-класса, победитель итальянской резервы Grappa LA120 с драгоценной деревянной коробкой и стеклянным графином 70cl

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Product Details

Product Code
70 cl glass Decanter with box
1 Carton, 2 LA120 with box in each

Products Description

To celebrate 120 years of mastery, passion and art, we have created LA120. Result of a careful selection among the grappas jealously preserved in DOMENIS1898’ cellars to obtain a unique  product, encloses the distillation art knowledge in a precious decanter: amber in colour, particularly intense and harmonious aroma thanks to an aging in barrels of valuable wood immersed in the silence of a dark and muffled environment: this and muchmore is LA120.


Our Company

Founded in 1898 by Pietro Domenis in Cividale del Friuli, DOMENIS1898 has developed over one hundred and twenty years of wisdom and craftsmanship transmitted in the unquestionable quality of its products. Tradition and innovation blend together to satisfy the most demanding palates creating the excellence of Italian grappas: products such as Storica®, Secolo, DOMENIS® Gold Edition, Special Edition Picolit and Futura. Recently, Storica and Secolo are also available in Barrique Millesimata versions. For the 120th anniversary of the company's birth, LA120 was launched and immediately awarded as well as I III Re, valuable aged barrique grappas crowned indisputable “Sovereigns” of DOMENIS1898 production. Alongside the best Friulian grappas, DOMENIS1898 also presents some gins to the market, including Cividât, the 42 ° gin that best expresses the peculiarities of Cividale del Friuli territory, and liqueurs such as StoricaAmaro, Storica Verde and Storica Sambuca, all recognized excellence. The Company also produces TRITTICO, the product line dedicated to bartender and mixology lovers, LADY Domenis, the line dedicated to women, and VEGAN, the line of 100% vegan and organic products certified by Vegan Society and CCPB.

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DOMENIS1898 srl
Via Darnazzacco 30
I - 33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

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