Лидер продаж, 100% натуральный сладкий арбуз, концентрат фруктов/пюре с 500 г/1 кг/10 кг в упаковке

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Products Description

- Concentrated fruit juice is produced from modern Italian lines by vacuum condensation technology. In a vacuum environment, water will evaporate at a lower temperature than boiling temperature under normal conditions. , therefore, minimize the loss and variation of color, retain the flavor and nutrients in the fruit. - The product is produced from fresh raw materials, selected in accordance with farmers' cultivation process standard, completely natural without any preservatives.

Puree or Concentrate
Shelf Life
24 months
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Storage Conditions
Store at minutes 18oC or below
In carton of 1 x 10kg bulk PE; 10 x 1kg PA, Drum or upon request
Watermelon, Mango, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit (Red/White), Pineapple, Guava, Soursop, Melon, Papaya, Strawberry, Lychee, Banana, Calamansi, Lime, Bitter Fruit, Carrot, Pomelo,... or upon request

Manufacturing Technique

This modern Italian processing technology has the ability to produce tropical fruits CONCENTRATE or PUREE. The operating principle of the technology is to concentrate the fruit by removing water, thus retaining its natural sweetness and calories while reducing the size of goods in transport. This is an automatic and continuous processing line that can handle a great variety of tropical fruits; reduce power consumption while maximizing productivity. Product is packed into aseptic bags.
- The juice is separated from the seeds, shells, and residues, thereby avoiding the risk of being contaminated with pesticides and
unsafe ingredients. The process retains the natural flavors and delivers the highest quality finished product.
- The condensing tower combined with an aroma recovery system, allows us to retain product flavor with high concentration
- Using UHT sterilization system to process products at up to 125oC for as little as 90 seconds, product freshness is maintained
with a shelf-life in excess of 1 year.
Using automatic bag filling machine with sterile extraction technology.

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