большой размер 30kw

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  Main technical data as follows:



Main technical parameter as follows:

1. Machine Type: horizontal-axis wind turbine

2. blade form: propeller

3. blade number: 3 pieces

4. balde material: glass fibre reinforced plastic

5. type of generator:permanent-magnet 3 phase AC

6. type of tower: guy wire or free standing


7.Power: 30KW                       

8.Blade diameter (m): 12.5

9. Rated rotor speed (r/min): 120

10.Rated speed (m/s): 12

11.Rated power: 30KW

12.Max power: 35KW

13.Output voltage (v): 380

14.Start up wind speed (m/s): 3

15.Work speed (m/s): 3-30

16.Security wind speed(m/s): 50

17.High of tower (m): 18

18.Top quality except tower: 950kg

19.Tower Steel tube model (mm):φ400

20.Speed regulation: leaning tail + electric brake

21.Capacity and quantity of battery:  12V200AH  84 pieces

22.Can supply power for: Small villages, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Water pumps, Cookers, Color television sets, Washing machines, Lighting, Electric fans, and Charge


     1. The wind wheel: using three blades, laminar flow airfoil, high lift-drag and excellent performance. The blades use glass fiber reinforced plastic leaf fiber, with a large damping, good dynamic feature, and good toughness. Wind wheel and generator with flexible connections run smoothly without vibration or noise.
      2. Generator: the overload strong bearing, long-lasting lubrication without maintenance. The rotor is made of permanent magnet (NdFeB), so it generates electricity when the rotating impeller drives generator rotor rotating. the wind is different from ordinary electric motor, which is the ultra-low-speed motor, 100 --- 400 per minute to switch that is able to meet the design power (depending on model), while such a low speed of the motor is unable to pronounce with ordinary electricity.
     3. Switch controller: it is connected generators, batteries, and electric-powered equipment, electrical installations. The system with different voltage sockets is user-friendly; rectifier that is issued by the three-phase AC generator changing into direct current.
     4. Inverter: wind generators are direct current through the battery output can only be used for the direct current electrical use, using AC appliances must be equipped with the DC into AC inverter, inverter can change from electrical power storing of battery to alternating current suitable for the standard of customers, and then provide utilization for electricity equipment. 


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