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Japan Rammer Clutchs



Rammer Clutchs Application:


         Rammer Clutchs is a part of Tamping Rammer, with important function.



Rammer Clutchs Main Features:


1. Honda GX100, 160, 270, 390, 620 ; Robin EH12 are avilable;


2. Original made or copy made are available;


3. Reliable quality and competitive price.


4.Our tamping rammer is with advanced design, stable performance, strong tamping force, easy operation, safe using, wide application and high efficiency.


 5.All the parts(Including Oil Tank, Gear Box, Bellows, Oil Pointer, Ram Plate) are exchangeable with Japan Mikasa's Tamper, we sell parts individually.




Rammer Clutchs Services:


 1. OEM service available;

 2. Online technical service at any time.

 So, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!


We are the producer and manufacturer specializing in construction machinery and related parts.

Our Staff have engaged in the small-middle size construction machinery for over 10 years,    with abundant experience we believe we can supply you with superior product quality and professional service.





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