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Push-Pins (1)

Push pins

Products introduction

thumb tack or push pin


UsageFasten items to a wall or board for display and intended to be inserted by  hand generally without the  assistance of tools.


Material: Brass,iron.



Map pin or map tack refers to thumb tacks used to mark locations on a map and to hold the map in place. 





Basic components: the head, often made of plasticmetal or wood, and the body, usually made of steel or brass


The head is wide to distribute the force of pushing the tack in, allowing only the hands to be used. 

Many head designs exist

Flat head

Cricket Display custom flat push Pin


 Domed head,










Push-Pins (1)Red-push-pin-with-shadow-007




Various color


These can be particularly useful to mark different locations on a map.

Some thumb tack designs have the body cut out of the head and bent downward to produce a tack.


Domed or gripped heads are sometimes preferred over flat heads as dropped flat headed tacks will point upward posing a hazard. Thumb tacks also pose a hazard of ingestion and choking, where they may do serious harm.

The Paper Cricket is a paper friendly push pin provided for securing pieces of paper, photographs, postcards, posters and similar items to a support surface without puncturing or otherwise


damaging the item.

No holes. The unit is designed to be appended to a bulletin board or other mounting surface.



Company introduction

Sorter World Netting Factory, founded in 1986, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of architectural decorative wire mesh products, such as metal drapery, metallic cloth, metal ball chains, metal fabrics, stucco netting, welded wire mesh etc, which have many applications for curtains, dividers, window treatments, wall & ceiling treatment, and other interior & exterior decoration. After more than 20 years of development, our products are well exported to America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and other countries and garnered widespread customer’s satisfaction and achieved great success through its reputation for excellence, top—notch quality, and impeccable service.


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