Генератор водяной турбины/генератор для гидроэлектростанции

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The Francis turbine is designed for stations with a water head of 20 to 300m and a relative flow.

Coming in vertical and horizontal builds, the type is advantaged in its high efficiency, compact size and enhanced structure. With 2 or 3 supports which are at the same level, the horizontal Francis turbine offers you smooth experience in operation and maintenance with such a neatly structured equipment.

 With a metal or concrete spiral case, adjustable guide vanes and a stay ring etc., the vertical Francis boasts of a runner diameter over 1000mm. We have the best choice you need.


Water head                : 20-300m

Output                        : 50KW -50MW

Runner diameter     : 35cm -250cm

Runner material      : stainless steel

Build                            : vertical/horizontal              




Up from 10% of the rated flow at booting, the Pelton turbine is for a water head of 100 to 1000m and a small flow. Coming in vertical and horizontal builds, and 1 to 6 nozzles, the highly-efficient Pelton can be seen in stations in wide flow areas. Horizontal Peltons have 1 or 2 nozzles while vertical ones have more. Popularized in stations in mountains all over the world, the Pelton is welcomed for its neat structure, low cost, high efficiency and a long life span.


Water head              : 80-1000m

Output                      : 50KW -20MW

Runner diameter   : 55cm -230cm

Runner material    :cast or forged stainless steel

Build                          : vertical and horizontal

No. of Nozzles           : 1-6


As the Pelton runner is being greatly enhanced, it could be wholly casted or forged stainless and then shaped and polished by numerical control machine.

The Pelton produced in Fuchun is powerful, highly efficient, with a longer life span. The turbines go through static and dynamic balance test, UT test etc.




The Kaplan turbine is designed for stations with a low water head(3-45 meters) but massive flows. Variations of the Kaplan type differ in the blades:fixed and adjustable. Main components of a Kaplan are: runner, draft cone, water chamber, guide vane, bearing and main shaft. The spiral case could be either steel or concrete. We produce runner with a diameter of 60cm to 4 m, and a rated output of 50KW up to 20MW. The Kaplan turbine usaully comes with a vertical shaft while the orientation of the generator shaft may differ, the turbine and the generator rotate at the same rate. An additional speed-enhancing gear may be installed between the turbine and the generator, thus decreasing the generator size.


Water head               : 3-45m

Output                       : 100KW -30MW

Runner diameter    : 80cm -400cm

Runner material    : stainless steel

Build                          : vertical         




The Turgo turbine is a type of impulse turbine and it needs less water head than Pelton. It transfers the kinetic energy through the nozzle, impacts on the runner and then drive the generator to produce electricity. The major difference between a Turgo and a Pelton is the angle of runner center line and center line. The Turgo turbine takes water heads from 30m to 400m, and water flows from 30L/s to 2000L/s. It outputs power from 10KW to 3200KW. Designed as horizontal, the turbine is neatly structured, cost-efficient, and wear-resistant, with a diameter from 32cm to 80cm.


Water head                 : 30-400m

Output                         : 10KW -3,200KW

Runner diameter     : 32cm -800cm

Runner material      :cast/welded stainless steel

Build                            : Horizontal

Nozzle numbers        : 1-2




The tubular turbine comes in Bulb tubular and shaft extension tubular. Coming with fixed blades or adjustable ones, the turbine takes low water heads (2m to 25m) and a big flow. Main components of the turbine are: runner, draft cone, water chamber, guide vane, bearing and main shaft. Its spiral case could be in steel or concrete and the runner diameter may be from 80cm to 5.8m, with a rated output from 200KW to 16MW.

The turbine usually comes in horizontal type, with variations sharing the same rotating speed. A speed gear, if needed, should be installed between the turbine and generator to decrease the unit size.


Water head                : 2-25m

Output                        : 200KW -16MW

Runner diameter     : 80cm -560cm

Runner material      : stainless steel

Build                            : Horizontal




The hydro turbine generator is driven directly or indirectly by the hydro turbine. Coming in horizontal and vertical builds, it rotates at a speed lower than 1400r/min, with brushless excitation and static silicon. Components of the generator are: stator, rotor, base frame, bearing, excitation motor or collecting ring. The output voltage is 400V to 13.8KV, frequency 50Hz to 60Hz and output 50KW to 50MW. Our generators are highly efficient and tested under IEC standards.


Frequency            : 50 or 60Hz

Voltage                  : 0.38-13.8KV

Build                      : vertical and horizontal

Speed                      : 93.75-1500r/m

Power factor         : 0.8 - 1 

Insulation             : F/F

Output                   : 50KW- 50MW 

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