Термопластичная прокладка для пальцев ног

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DSC01665.JPGLow Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive Film/Toe Puff



1. Eco-friendly, without off-smell ,non-formaldehyde, non-toxic

2.  Waterproof, tear- resistant, breathable.

4. Good appearance, high resilience and finalize the design abiding

5. good temperature endurance.



  1. Appearance: blue, milky white, water cyan
  2. Material: TPU
  3. Melt range: 80~90
  4. Press- temperature: 135~150
  5. Thinkness: 0.4mm~2.0mm
  6. Width: 36”/54”
  7. Length: 50yard


Shoes:  Sports shoes,work shoes,leather shoes and other shoes.

Bags: handbags, luggage, packing bags, etc.

Lining : shoulder lining, hat lining, collar lining , mobile phone cover etc

Our products including:

  1. Non-woven cloth production line: Its products include automobile interior decoration cloth, artificial leather-base cloth, floss cloth, mopping cloth, shoe sole material, medical-purpose sanitation cotton, filtering cotton, interior decoration fibre and PET.
  2. Garment lining products, which include fastening cloth, elastic cloth, canvas, knitwear & home textile, paper lines, etc.
  3. Heat-melted plastic coating production line, mainly producing thermal-melted plastic chemical pieces, non-woven fibre, plastic pieces, water-resistant fibre, thermo-melted PP cloth.
  4. Soaking-plastic production line: lining for caps and shoes, toys, tablecloth for hotels, floss cloth, computerized embroidery lines.   


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