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Company Information


Zhengzhou Biocaro Pharmaceutical & Health-Care Products Co., Ltd. is a leading GMP manufacturer specializing in natural health-care solutions. With over 18 years of experience, our technicians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of nutritional supplements in a variety of forms utilizing the most pure, unrefined ingredients. 


Product Description


By using our l-carnitine effervescent tablets,You will see the results in 15-20days. the average of weight loss is about 2KG each month. it is not too fast,but all the ingredients are herb extract or plant extract, so they are safe and with no side-effects.


              Fat Burning Slimming products

  • Drink Tablet/ effervescent tablet
  • Herb extract,no side effects
  • OEM welcome
  • Slimming/weight loss/fat burning


Main Ingredients

Lotus Leaf extract; Rhizoma Alismatis; L-carnitine tartrate; Xylo-oligosaccharide; Citric acid; Sodium carbonate; Malic acid; Leucine; Sucralose

Iconic composition and content

Each 100g include: total falconoid: 0.70g, L – carnitine: 17g, Xylo-oligosaccharide: 12g

Healthy Function

weight Loss

Suitable Crowds

Simple obesity

Unsuitable Crowds

Children, pregnant woment,breast-feeding women


Usage and dosage

Three times per day, 1 tablet per time. drop 1tablet into a a glass of water and drink after it is fully dissolved



Shelf time

24 month

Storage method

Sealed, Keep tightly in a cool and dry place.


it can’t replace the medicine

Executive standard





Packaging & Shipping

In plastic tubes,1.8g*18tabs/tube, with OEM packaging service.





Our Services


Welcome OEM and custom made formula




What Are Effervescent Tablets?

Effervescent tablets are tablets that are designed to break down rapidly when they are dropped into water or another liquid, releasing carbon dioxide in the process. The rapid breakdown causes the tablet to dissolve into a solution, and it often makes the solution frothy or fizzy. These tablets can be used for the administration of various drugs. They also are used to package some cleaning products, such as the enzymatic cleaners designed for wetsuits.

Why Effervescent Tablets?

Effervescent products offer a unique and advantageous delivery system

  • Bioavailable - easily absorbed into the blood stream
  • Multiple applications – dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, herbals, pharmaceuticals
  • Green – less plastic and petroleum used than traditional bottled drinks
  • Portable – customers can take them anywhere (airplanes! camping! bar hopping! work! home!) and use them with any water source

Why Choose BIOCARO Effervescent Tablets?

Zhengzhou BIOCARO, the leading GMP factory of effervescent tablets in China, we focused on effervescent tablets and certified by GMP,ISO,QS,HACCP.

We are the most professional manufacture of effervescent tablets in China.

We will expand our effervescent tablets business and will become the largest factory of effervescent tabs in China. with another new factory over 100,000M2 in 2014.

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