Мировый ведущий поставщик, текстурированный растительный протеин с хлопьями 1/4 дюйма, готовое к приготовлению обычного соевого масла, фруктовое масло для готовки

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Soy continues to play an important role in modern consumers’ healthy diets. Adding soy to baked goods, meat products, prepared meals and other foods not only enhances their nutritional value, but also delivers a great sensory experience. Textured soy flour can also help meat processors mitigate volatile ingredient costs by providing a cost-effective meat extender and replacement for textured soy concentrate. This product has 50% protein content and is available in plain to caramel coloring in order to match animal protein source, and is offered in minced or flaked particle sizes. Functiinal benefits include high-quality protein fortification, offers similar structure, texture, and chewing properties to meat, adds crunch to bars and snacks, supports formulations for fat & sodium reduction, improves yields & texture with enhanced water/oil absorption & retention, binds flavors, cost-effective alternative to textured soy concentrates, and has economical cost-in-use.

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