PU искусственная кожа, круглый ремень шероховатая поверхность Высокое напряжение растягивания неизменным удлинение при разрыве

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Product Description

PU Round Belt
In many Food Industry processing applications, Food Grade polyurethane and polyester round & V-belts are best suited to fulfill
the application requirements, particularly when handling sliced meats, cheese and for topping and packaging lines.
Product Features
*High tension stress and high intensity of tension
*Anti-abrasion, dent resistance, oil resistance, water resistance
*Chemical resistance
*No plasticizers
*Wide service temperature
*Invariable elongation
*Easy thermoweld and easy installation
*Long using time
*Food processing
*Glass Industry
*Textile Industry
*Wood Machine Industry
*Can Industry
*Paper and Printing 
*Transport systems
*Cooling lines
*Topping lines
*Packaging lines

* Long belt life, also in wet or oily conditions
* Less production downtime: no need for disassembly
* Reduced inventory costs as it is not necessary to store belts of different lengths

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