Консервированные итальянские блюда тунца 190 г в экстра-девственном оливковом масле для приправ, закусок и макаронных изделий в стеклянной банке 190 г

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Product Description

A portion of the fish muscle (Mediterranean red tuna) is steamed and manually placed in a glass jar that is filled with the brining liquid (organic cold pressed sunflower olive oil). The product is stabilized through heat treatment (sterilization) to irreversibly stop enzymes and microorganisms from altering its properties.


Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is a fish with delicate and tasty meats that are highly appreciated, rich in
healthy properties for our body, in particular Omega 3.


Tuna Buzzonaglia ("tuna pieces") is the part of the fillet that is located close to the central fishbone, 
the backbone of the fish. It has an intense flavor and a dark color and is appreciated above all for its softness.

Produced in Italy - Region: Sicily - Fishing area: Mediterranean Sea; - Fao Area: 37.2.2 and 37.1.3

 The use of tuna in the kitchen is vast: it is an excellent ingredient for appetizers, for pasta and for main

The goodness of a product is measured in what remains: nothing. The preservative oil of this product is never 
thrown away, and can be used to make a vegan mayonnaise, combining two parts of oil and one of soy milk,
or even as a simple seasoning.

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Species: Red tuna
Brining liquid: Organic cold pressed sunflowe oil (in accordance with European regulations)
Salt: sea salt

Net weight per unit: 190 g
1 Carton: 12 mason jars

0,541 s.