256 шт. лампа PDT Photon лазерная машина для роста волос для лечения выпадения волос 650нм Диодная лазерная машина

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Product Description




1.Promote absorption of  nutrients

Laser is a patent cold laser, won't hurt and hair, it is neither chemicals, also not drugs, but the penetrating any chemical liquid and drugs is unmatched, overcome the previous all kinds of chemical education liquid can't fully permeate hair root weakness.

2.Acceleration  blood circulation of hair, improve collagen fiber regeneration, promote metabolism ,Laser can increase of subcutaneous tissue adenosine triphosphate (ATP) activities, adenosine triphosphate is between the cell transmission ability of transmission ability mainly medium, promote the metabolism of the organization. So the laser can help improve blood circulation, make oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle, achieve the effect of the hair loss.

3.Effectively kill hair pathogenic bacteria, on the drug's assistant can exterminate hidden deep in the hair follicles of fungi and mite.

4, Regulates oil secretion

Too much oil  cause hair loss, the reasons of the excess oil secretion is the main reason of the sebaceous glands, and oil contains two hydrogen will make hair follicle small, even atrophy, cause hair loss. Laser can dredge the sebaceous glands catheter, reduce and control oil secretion, improve hair loss

5,Promote absorb nutrients

Laser penetrating any chemical liquid and drugs is unmatched, overcome the previous all kinds of chemical education liquid can't fully permeate hair root weakness. When irradiation can make hair follicle open, beneficial to the drug absorption. The heating effect of the inferior smooth the skin temperature increase, sympathetic ability to decrease, make blood-vessel active material release, blood vessels, speed up the blood flow, improve blood circulation, enhance the organization nutrition, active tissue metabolism, improve the cells for oxygen amount, improve the supply of blood oxygen state the lesions, strengthening the cells regeneration, control the development of the inflammation and make the localized, accelerate the lesions repair.





BIO head 
Micro-current frequency of red light features red micro-current head dredge meridians and promote blood and lymphatic micro-circulation, dredge the meridians, positioning, layer, quantitative variety of nutrients directly to the deep cells provide "nutrition." Micro-current to accelerate the effective activation of the cells of the scalp blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear the meridians, massage the scalp to produce micro-electrical stimulation to stimulate the vitality of the hair follicle, hair growth environment optimized to promote scalp absorption of oxygen and energy, so as to achieve the purpose of hair growth. For metabolism, regulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation to produce beneficial effects.

High frequency COMB 1. high frequency comb used electrotherapy will play for head hair growth, anti-off, repair. 
2. electrotherapy use of ozone generated by the comb bactericidal effect. 
3. electrotherapy comb head can regulate oil secretion, improve hair quality, strengthen hair fastened itself, density and elasticity of the hair. 
4.high-frequency micro-current electrotherapy comb through the high-frequency pulse micro-current, micro-electrical stimulus to massage the scalp, kill bacteria and stimulate the vitality of the hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.

Convenient sparying hair tonic product and help obsorb fastly
Hair analysis

200x hair scope for hair testing, to know what kinds of the hair problems

Active the atrophic hair follicle dermal papilla cells ,hair regrowth

Massage head

Massage to stimulate the scalp, activate cells, promote blood circulation to the head



Laser Hair Growth



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