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Product Description

Product name
Meal Replacement Protein Bar
Main functions
Providing Energy,Weight Loss
Package & Main ingredients
According to your requirement
OED,ODM,Personal label
Provide sample service

Company’s Advanced Production Lines

If you have the formula, we guarantee the quality of your high quality OEM.
If you don't have the formula, I can customize the formula you need for you, and make OEM/ODM plans for you.

Our company can produce food bar, nutrition bar, energy bar, cereal bar, meal replacement bar, fruit and vegetable fiber bar,dietary fiber bar, whole grain meal replacement bar, fruit bar, nut bar and other products.
According to your requirements to customize the taste, formula, packaging and dosage form customization.

Market and product development trends
1. The growth of the meal replacement fat reduction market is slowing down, and the sports nutrition market is growing rapidly;
2. From the professional market for fat reduction or shaping to the mass market for healthy snacks;
3. The requirements for product consumption experience are getting higher and higher, more convenient, portable, and ready to eat after opening the bag;
4. Consumer demand has been upgraded from cheap and delicious to nutrition and health. Low sugar and high protein are the future development trends;

Weight Management Series
(Special Diet Weight Management)

Nutrition Bar, Mealreplacement Bar, ect

Product Features
Low sugar, low carbon water
High protein, high dietary fiber
Moderate fat

Application Scenario
Medical weight loss-special diet weight management
1. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) nutritional intervention
2. Type 2 diabetes
3. Fatty liver
4. High fat, high cholesterol, high uric acid

Weight Management Series
(Meal Replacement)

Cereal Bars, Protein Bars, Fruit and Vegetable Fiber Bars, Meal Replacement Bars, etc

Product Features
Low sugar, low carbohydrate
High protein, high dietary fiber
Moderate fat

Application Scenario
1. Diet management and light fasting for the general population
2. White-collar workers substitute meals
3. Postpartum body recovery

Sports Nutrition Series
(Replenish Energy and Improve Endurance)

Energy Bars, Energy Cereal Bars, etc

Product Features
Composite carbohydrate
Energy Slow Release Technology
Long-lasting energy supply, improve endurance

Application Scenario
1. Outdoor sports for the general population: such as mountain climbing, trail walking, cross-country, etc.
2. Professional crowd sports: marathon, triathlon, golf, etc.
3. Snacks to replenish physical strength and relieve hunger

Sports Nutrition Series
(Supplement Protein, Improve Strength)

Whey Protein Bars, Casein Bars, etc

Product Features
Rich in concentrated or isolated whey protein
BCAA, creatine strengthening
Low sweetness, low viscosity formula

Application Scenario
1. The general population: muscle building and shaping
2. Professional sports: bodybuilding, fighting, sprinting, etc.
3. Replenish protein and repair muscles after exercise

Special Population Series
(Sugar Patients, Vegetarians)

Vegetarian Meal Replacement Bars, Cereal Bars

Product Features
1. Pure vegetarian formula without animal-derived ingredients
2. Customized according to needs-halal formula
3. Low sugar formula
4. Crude fiber formula

Application Scenario
1. Vegetarian restaurants, vegetarians, temples
2. Middle-aged and elderly consumers who need to control blood sugar

Special Population Series
(Youth Nutrition Dupplement)

Protein Bars, Cereal Bars, Nut Bars

Product Features
1. Nootropic, Eye-sighting Formula
2. Full nutritional formula, rich in milk mineral salt
3. Low sugar formula
4. Crude fiber formula

Application Scenario
1. KA supermarket, campus supermarket, e-commerce
2. Take breaks between classes, outings, and go home from school as nutritious snacks on the way

New Generation Product

Soft Sandwich Protein Bars

Product Features
Compared with traditional powdered protein bars, soft sandwich protein bars have the following advantages:
1. Stronger flavor hierarchy
2. The taste is softer and does not stick to the teeth

New generation product

Whey Granule Protein Bars

Product Features
Puffing and granulating whey protein powder into whey protein particles through the air puffing process has the following advantages compared with traditional protein bars:
1. Compared with whey protein bars (powder bars), it is non-sticky and has a rich chew
2. Compared with soy protein bars (particle bars), pure animal protein is more in line with the needs of sports people

The nutritionist team summarizes product selling points, process characteristics, high-quality raw materials, weight loss recipes and other information, and outputs easy-to-implement and trainable technical documents to provide in-depth customer service.

Factory Profile

Sichuan Mengchuang QingChen E-Commerce CO., LTD. Was established in 2018, relying on the health peptide industry to export small molecule peptides and other health products.The company has a deep cooperation with Jiangnan university and the big health open laboratory on the west bank of the pearl river.The company has signed a contract with the OEM factory with perfect testing equipment and strong technical force to produce a wide range of products with good quality and reasonable price.At present, Mengchuang group has many subsidiaries involving different neighborhood specialties.Through the four-dimensional integration of the global build, deep cultivation of the health industry, focus on the development of health products, to provide consumers with a full range of health products and services, to create their own healthy lifestyle.We have experienced R&D and design team with world-class R&D and production level.In the country there are several agricultural raw material farms, four production bases, including the complete production chain.Has a number of patented technologies and passed the global authority test.As always, MCQC provide ODM services to customers all over the world.

Factory Picture

Our Certificate

Our Advantage

Payment & Transportation


Q1: What is peptides?
A: Peptides are primarily about solving our cellular problems, activating cells and repairing them.

Q2: Why do you need peptides?
A: On the macro level, it plays a key role in the process of human growth and development, metabolism, disease, aging and death. It is precisely because of the increase or decrease of its secretion in the body that human beings have the cycle of youth, childhood, adulthood and old age until death.Peptide in the human body is in a state of balance, if less, important changes in the function of human body, for children, his growth, development becomes slow and even stop, go down for a long time will form a gnome, for adults, or old people, the lack of active peptide, the oneself immunity will decline, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, caused by various diseases.

Q3: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes, we offer free samples of most producs, but shipping cost to be paid by our customer.

Q4. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 50% as deposit, and 50% before delivery for mass goods. If you buy the product through RTS on Alibaba, you need to pay in full ,hope u can understand.We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

Q5. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 10-12days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q6. Is there any hidden trouble for my goods' quality?
A:Of course NOT,we have 100% test before delivery, all goods must be checked three times before shipment, so the goods quality is guaranteed.

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