Электрическая машина для резки птицы, устройство для выщипывания уточек и перьев, автоматическая машина для уничтожения кур

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Poultry Slaughtering Process

Main Salughtering Equipments

Belt Type Crate Conveyor
Electric Stunner
Forced Spraying Machine

Scalding Machine
Vertical Plucker
Horizontal Plucker

Spiral Pre-chiller
Vacuum Packaging Machine
Crate Washing Machine

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RANICHE Machinery Technology is a professional integrated solution supplier of automatic poultry processing system.Our business scope covers the research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales maintenance of poultry slaughtering and processing equipment, design, planning and supplying of complete system solutions. We are one of the largest and most professional equipment R&D manufacturers and technical service providers in the field of poultry slaughtering and processing in China. With the mission of "accelerating the automation transformation of poultry processing equipment", we are devoted to providing the most suitable integrated solutions, the most practical products and the best service to all the poultry processing enterprises around the world, and to be the most valuable poultry processing solution expert.

Why Choose Us


1)Over 20 years manufacturing experience
2)Over 200 employees
3)4 hectares of production factory
4)Clients in over 30 countries
5)Setup over 800 processing lines
6)Production capacity up to 12500BPH
7)Customized Process Design And Quality Service

RANICHE cooperate with over 100 poultry processing enterprises
1) Setup over 800 processing lines,
Capacity below 3000BPH shares 25%
Capacity at 3000-5000BPH shares 37.5%
Capacity at 5000-10000BPH shares 18.75%
Capacity over 10000BPH shares 18.75%
2) A 35-engineers installation team, 30,000 hours of installation per year. On average, 107 working days and 857 working hours per
3)A 3-engineers commissioning team, 4,581 hours of commissioning per year. On average, 190 working days and 1527 working hours per


1)Customized Design Service of Slaughtering Processing Flow
2) Manufacturing and Sales of Slaughtering Equipment
3) Installation and Commissioning of Slaughtering Processing Line
4)Operation and Maintenance Training of Slaughtering Processing Line
5)upplying and OEM Service of Slaughtering Equipment Accessories
6) Management and Operations Consulting of Slaughtering Plant


With more than 20 years development, the factory stands at top 5 in the area of poultry slaughtering machine in China, and it is level A partner of main agricultural and pastoral groups in China in the past decades, like New Hope LIUHE Group, JINLUO Group, ECO Group, FAMBROS Group etc.


1. Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 1 set of single slaughtering machine, or 1 complete slaughtering line.

2. Q: What is the documents shipping with machine?
A: Commecial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin(FORM A, FORM E, or CO). Special certificate and inspection can be provided as per customer's requests.

3. Q: What is the payment terms?
A: T/T, L/C, or Alibaba Trade Insurance.

4. Q: What is the cargo preparing time?
A: Within 15-20 days for single slaughtering machine, and with 60-90 days for complete slaughtering line. It will be subject to our factory's production scheduel.

Q: How do I make sure the safe trading?
A: 1) Visit our factory, confirm we are big manufacturer of slaughter equipment, and top specialized in poultry chicken and duck slaughtering.
2) Pay to Alibaba Trade Insurance, Onetouch, or by L/C.
3) Visit RANICHE booth on big exhibitions like VIV or IPPE.

Contact Us

More than 100 poultry slaughtering and processing enterprises in the world have got quipment, technology and services from RANICHE.We looking forward to all world-wide partners to join and creat a Community of Common Destiny!

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