9E-C Eco, малошумная всасывающая хирургическая портативная всасывающая машина для экстренного использования

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Input voltage
Input frequency
Average power consumption
Negative Pressure Value
more than 0.075Mpa
Pump rating
Continuous working time
more than 30 min
Rest time
less than 30 min
less than 53dB
Packing size
54.5×37×32cm, 2pcs/ctn
Net weight
Gross weight

Product Description

Oil-free piston pump
Heavy duty oil-free piston pump, low consumption, silence and stable working performance.

Anti-overflow design
Anti-overflow technology and large pump rate

1000ml liquid storage bottle
1000ml poly-carbonate bottle shatter-proof and washable

Switch and nozzle
Water proof switch and metal pump nozzle.

Silicon tube
Silicon tube, resistance high-temperature, durable.

The air filter reaches to medical grade.

Step-less high voltage
Step-less high voltage. High negative pressure, low flow, so that it can protect the patients’ laryngeal mucosa, and it won’t let the laryngeal mucosa get hurt. The circular negative pressure vacuum meter will display the negative pressure value visually, and the patient can adjust the negative pressure value what sputum-absorption required basis on their self-condition.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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1. What is the purpose for the suction machine?
Suction machines or aspirators are tracheostomy-care devices used for removing obstructions from a person’s airway. The machine
uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. These machines are designed either for stationary use at home or the portable variety for a patient on the move.

2. Which type of suction machine do you have?
We have a diverse range of portable and non-portable suction machine which can be used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office and ambulances or at home. Our range of aspirators is designed to carry out a wide range of suction procedures.

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