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Customized water bladder 100-100,000LWater storage bag (2).jpg


Specification of material

Material thickness: 0.7mm~1.5mm
Grade: PVC, TPU food grade
Feature: Anti-UV, Anti-acid & alkali, Corrosion resistance, Durable & Easy to handle.

The shape of products have rectangular water tank /bladder, pillow water tank,  Onion shape tank, fuel storage tank, fish tank etc. the shape and capacity can be customized according to your requirement .

The bladder are used for:

Agricultural irrigation water storage

Industrial water storage

Fish farm water storage  

Drinking water storage

Firefighting storage

Rainwater harvesting storage

Concrete mixing water storage

Greening water storage

Sewage storage,

Oil well cementing storage

And so on.



Simple and easy to install, no fixing tools required.

Light weight, easy to handle and carry

Easy to maintain, empty and repair

Foldable after emptying, compact foldable and convenient for storage

No pollution to water or other liquids.

Stretch-Proof, resistant to stripping, acid & alkali resistant.

Synthetic fiber PVC with screen mesh

Flexible and folded, long server life and low maintenance costs.


PVC material






TPU food grade material




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