Медные ионные (ионизированные) нейлоновые нити DTY 70D/48F для антибактериальных носков/постельных принадлежностей

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Copper ion(Lonized) nylon DTY 70D/48F filaments for anti-bacteria gloves socks/beddings


Product Description



a) Specifications:


 Fineness(Denier/Filaments)Linear resistance(ohms/cm)
75D/40F400~500, 600~800, etc.
140D/60F200~300, etc.
150D/60F, 150D/80F, 150D/160F70~90, 200~300, 250~350, 2000, etc.
300D/120F, 300D/160F, 300D/320F80~100, etc.


b) Descriptions:

Based materialsacrylic  DTY filaments
Conductivity(10^1~10^3) ohms/cm
Elongation at break(15-25)%.
Tenacity at break(1.94~3.39)g/D
cuprous sulfideless than 8% approx


 c) Characteristics:


[ESD: electro static discharge]As the conductivity of it is (10^1~10^3) ohms/cm,so, it has good anti static properties when it is combined/blended with other filament/staple fibers. At the same time, it has good washability resistant and soft hand feeling. And it has good textile properties for processing easily.
[Anti-EM: Ranti electromagnetic wave radiation]As the conductivity of it is (10^1~10^3)ohms/cm, so, it also has excellent shielding electromagnetic wave radiation effectiveness. The shielding efficiency is more than 35DB at 0.15MHz~3GHz.
[Anti-bacteria]The active copper ion in fiber could damage the metastasis of the bacteria, make them die out. Has the stable and persistent anti bacteria ability.
[Gathering heat and heat reservation] In the sunlight, the copper ion in fiber generates surge phenomenon, therefore, bring about heat and temperature of fiber to be raised. Therefore, it has the high efficiency of heat gathering and preservation.
 [Application]Mainly used for home textiles, garments(anti bacteria socks, underwear, etc.) and intelligent textiles, military and industrial textiles, etc. .


 d) Surface resistance and linear resistance:   

       meter.jpge) Anti bacteria ability: 


Bacteriaconcentration of bacteria solution(cfu/ml)Quantity of bacteria after different duration of exposuredepletion ratio of bacteria (%)
/duration of exposure  during "0" hourduration of exposure during 24 hoursstaphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus aureus
ATCC 6538

Escherichia coli

ATCC 8739


Candida albicans

ATCC 10231


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g) Typical Application:




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