Новинка 2020, водородный генератор воды, лучшая водородная бутылка для воды на улице

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Product Description
Product Name
2020 New hydrogen water generator Best hydrogen water bottle for outside
Adapter Specification
Input:AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Output:DC 5V/1.2A
Battery Tape
Polymer Lithium Battery
Hydrogen Content
Battery Capacity
3.7V /1600mAh
-400mV ~ -600mV
Charging Time
Lid/Base Material
Food-grade ABS
Unit N.W.
Electrodes Material
Titanium with Platinum Coating
Latest-designed Hydrogen-Rich Ion Membrane
Product Size
diameter: 6.3cm, height: 20.6cm
Charging port type:
Type C
Product Certificate:
ce,  ISO9001
Water Temperature
Working Period
5 minutes


Package Type:
1pcs: Gift box  
Gift box G.W.:1.0kgs
Gift box siz: 32cm x 14cm x 14cm

20pcs: carton 
Outer Carton G.W.:15kgs
Outer carton siz: 33cm x 56cm x 46cm

1. Adopt a super-large electrolytic chamber which is imported from Japan
2. Large electrolytic area. Fast electrolysis in 3 minutes and high concentration of hydrogen
3. Portable and can be used any time and any where
4. Operates on rechargeable battery with USB power adaptor
Self-Making Disinfectant Spray--Convenient, fast and save money!!
Product Usage
Hydrogen Water Generator | SPE/PEM Membrane Technology | High Grade Titanium Plates | Best Selling Portable Molecular Hydrogen Cup
* Portable and Easy to Use
* Turns any drinking water into hydrogen rich water instantly
* High Grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrode
* Electrode Cleaning System (EDC)
* Complete Food Grade BPA Free Materials
* Electronic safety certification & SGS test report certified
* Two High Quality Rechargeable Polymer Lithium ion batteries
* Using the latest SPE PEM Japanese membrane technology where hydrogen and oxygen are fully separated to create the purest
Hydrogen Rich Water!

This hydrogen water generator is designed specifically to infuse and generate hydrogen in any drinkable water. A press of a button will infuse the water with enriched hydrogen which help our bodies fight free radicals. The cup is the smallest and lightest hydrogen water generator that weighs only 160 grams. It's easily taken anywhere and connects to any plastic water bottles.
Benefits & Functions for Different Age Groups:
The Aged: Alleviate suffering and enhance stimulative rehabilitation.
The Women: Eliminate toxin, beautify skin, delay ageing and balance oil secretion.
The men: alleviate fatigue, develop resilience, eliminate the poisonous effects of smoking, drinking and drugging, and protect the liver and lung.
The kids: boost the alkalization of cerebral cortex of Children, improve intelligence, and the mineral ions contained could enhance the build-up of the bones.
Hydrogen Water Flask Features:
In 2007, Professor Shigeo Ohta of Japan university published an academic paper in the world’s famous magazine, Journal Nature Medicine, titled "Hydrogen, acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals”, this paper refers that the Hydrogen can eliminate human body from free radical, and does a great benefits to sub-health people.

What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water is Water rich in Hydrogen ions. The main function of hydrogen is antioxidant. Hydrogen ions combine with reactive oxygen to form water and discharge out of the body. Hydrogen water is a kind of drinking water that contained highly reductive hydrogen, which is different from normal water. It can remove excess reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radical) in the body through its antioxidant reducing power.

Keeping Healthy from Drinking Hydrogen Water! Let’s move on today.

1. Against aging, get rid of dryness and lines.

2. Effective on anti-alcohol and liver protection.

3. Suppressing memory loss.

4. Prevent unsaturated fatty acid creation, helps on hypertension.

5. Alleviate the ache of articulation and other joint diseases.

6. Improve the sub-healthy state of human body.

7. It can effectively eliminate the free radicals in cells of the human body, reducing stress from the source.

8. Improve Immunity, resist oxidation, postpone aging and nourish the skin.

Our Service

1. OEM/ODM Service Supported

2. Neutral color box packing/ Customized packages

3. short delivery

4. Good pre-sale and after-sale service, technical support timely and efficiently.

5. Product with 1 year guarantee
Company Introduction
EHM Group Limited has been specializing in ionized water treatment products for over 12 years.
EHM has developed to be a manufacturing, selling, and after-sale service integrated enterprise.
EHM current products involve in water ionizers, hydrogen-rich water makers, alkaline water pitchers, alkaline water sticks and alkaline water flasks. We own comfortable working environment, sophisticated production and testing equipment, good quality management and a solidary & high efficient management team.
We are one of the members of Water Quality Association. And our factory was ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated, and obtained certificates including CE, FDA, ROHS, PSE, as well as 20+ patents for our products.
Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. We have established partnership with many big international companies.
EHM GROUP LIMITED Whatsapp :+86 13532181846
Tel: +86-20-86977565 wechat:amanda483907
Mobile:+86 13532181846 Email:amz@ehmglobal.com

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