Автоматическая система подачи свиных шнеков, система подачи свиных шнеков

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Product Description

Automatic Pig Auger Feeding System Equipment Pig Sow Feed System
The automatic pig feeding system is well sealed and composed of silo, driving system, metering cylinder, and feed trough and so on. It improves the management efficiency of the whole farm, decrease the cross infection and realizes the high automation of the
production process.
1) Eat and drink at same trough
This design efficiently improve pigs' eating quality, even avoid damage to pigs.
2) Ensure reasonable feeding and drinking
The reasonable framework could point a proper feeding and drinking, actually it would help keepers to against most of trouble
while feeding.
3) Easy control
4)no waste,cost saving
5)thickening PVC hopper,large capacity
6)it is convenient for cleaning.

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Automatic Pig Auger Feeding System Equipment Pig Sow Feed System
Raw Material, PP, Durable, Anti-Corrosion
Pig farm, sow farm, piglet farm, hog farm, swine farm, automatic pig equipment
Save time, save breeding cost, modern pig house, low cost high output
Feeding Time
Automatic feeding within 30 minutes for 300pigs

Feed Storage System
Feed silo is one import poultry farm feed storage equipment, usually the animal feed will stay in the silo for 3-7 days, so it is important to keep the animal feed fresh, contaminating free, and easy discharging our silo is fabricated by our automatic silo production line, 600 and 670 cone designing to guarantee maximum feeds blocking free, smooth surface both internal and external, independent exhaust pipe, feed level indicator, stainless steel cap for feeds loading and rain proof, heavy duty latter with protection fence, stainless bolts with rubber anti-rust cap, durable galvanized steel expected over 15 years service life, it is widely used as the feed storage and auto feeding in the poultry farms.

Pig Farrowing Crates
Farrowing crate is key to the design of modern pig farms.
Pig farrowing crate is designed for the sow childbirth and lactation piglet. It provides safe and comfortable environment for the sows to childbirth
and breeding. It is also important to improve the survival rate of piglets. At the same time, farrowing crate has a great influence on the lactation and energy recovery of the sows.

Nursery crate
1. Used in piglet breeding, piglet manure falls into the dung tank through the leaking flooring, which avoids the diseases caused by the pollution of piglet manure and improves the survival rate of piglets.
2. The nursing bed adopts plastic leaking board, which has good heat preservation effect. The floor is made of plastic material with soft texture and does not harm the main body of piglets.
3. the whole bed installation needs no welding, saving time and convenience, and the size and size design is reasonable.

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1.Are you factory?
Yes, we are manufacturer for types of greenhouse for 11 years.
With professional engineer team for poultry farm design, complete after-sale service and factory direct sale for you now!

2.How to ensure the quality of the products ?
We are golden supplier of Alibaba for 11 years. Our goods had been exported to more than 50 countries and got good reputation in
worldwide market.
Our inspection department will examine and test the products thoroughly and carefully before delivery. Necessary test and
certification can be obtained as your request.

3.How about packaging and shipping?
The goods is marked according to their name and parts, accessories into carton, pipes by bundle, all goods are loaded into the
container directly.
Shipping port is usually Qingdao Port, we can arrange the shipment according to your request.

4.Is there any instruction or manual guide installation?
Yes, English manual with drawing and video shipped together with goods for guiding your installation easily.
Engineer overseas guiding installation is available.
Your worker or engineer is welcomed to our factory for learning your greenhouse installation.
Thanks for new and old customer support!
Let's together to build your green world! Your inquiry and visit is warmly welcomed!

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