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Product Description

Are you feeling stuffy and airless because of the high temperature in the attic?
Are you still trouble by the high electricity bills?
Don't worry. SIPL Solar Attic Fan can solve all those problems!

Wiring free and with no dependence on AC grid, SIPL solar roof fan comes to freshen air on attic roof space for residential, commercial & industrial premises at no cost. It would pump out stale air and heat build-up at attics to improve attic ventilation and roof air circulation, reduce moisture & harmful mildews, extend roofing lifespan, reduce the load on air-conditioner and HVAC system in summer, help balance indoor temperature and prevent ice-dam in winter…

A self-contained axial flow solar roof ventilator, taking advantage of natural solar power, making active ventilation efficiently and quietly by top grade brushless motor. As an energy-saving green ventilation solution for healthy & comfortable environment!

Before installing Solar Attic Fan:
As the attic is a relatively closed space, the temperature of the attic will become higher and higher during the daytime. If the heat accumulation in the house cannot be eliminated, the live space will become hotter and hotter.
After installing Solar Attic Fan:
Powered by free solar energy, the fan speeds up the rising hot air leaving from the roof to stop the house being hot. When the fan keep working, more and more cool and fresh air come in from outside. The living space keeps comfortable all the time!

Detailed Images

Using top and strong galvanized steel, the fan increase corrosion resistance. So there is no need to worry about the fan being affected even in bad weather. And with anti-UV powder coating, to reduce maintenance and give you a long lifespan ventilator.

Equipped with patent design — wind guide cone including 24pcs turbine wind guide blades for higher efficiency, less drag, faster exhaust, preventing the rains or wind from flowing backward.

IP68 Brushless DC motor in high quality and water resistance, no carbon brush, no mechanical commutation, no operation dissipation to ensure better performance and longer lifespan.

Upgraded 7 pcs composited fan blades made of nylon-fiberglass, assembled in aluminum shaft sleeve, anti-UV, durable with good stability, to provide excellent airflow and yet quiet.

Accessory Option

Smart Remote Controller

A wireless remote switch to have solar fan run / stop most flexibly at any time,
includes On/Off & 2hrs/4hrs Time Off functions.
The fan will resume running automatically after 12 hours from the remote setting time.

Snap-action Thermostat

Power Cord Switch

Attaching a thermostat to have the solar fan start
/ stop rotating mechanically at preset temperature.
[25℃ thermostat] On:25℃+/-3℃; Off: 18℃+/-5℃
[28℃ thermostat] On: 28℃+/-3℃; Off: 21℃+/-5℃
(there is a 7℃ temperature difference between on & off)
A manual switch with 2m cable is added to have the solar fan on / off as per your need.

Protective Fan Guard

To protect fan blades and has a better ventilation.
To prevent small animals go inside the house.


Easy to install in different roofs,
such as Asphalt shingle roof / S-tile roof / Metal roof...,
no needs any labor or maintenance costs!


Product Part
Designed lifespan
Metal Casing
20 Years
15 Years
Solar Penel
25 Years
15 Years
Brushless DC Motor
10 Years
5 Years

*The hereby lifespan & warranty terms are based on the product be used in regular residential housings, but not in those too humid or extreme condition places with acid and alkali corrosive gas/liquids.


1 set/ carton; 660*660*340mm, 0.148CBM; 216pcs/20'GP, 516pcs/40' HQ

Contact Us

Vincy Liu
Email/Skype: sales07@sunnyintlpowerltd.com
Phone/Wechat: +86 13536195646
Website: https://www.sunnyintlpowerltd.com

To Enjoy the Green Life by SIPL Solar Products!

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