Акустическая панель с шумоподавлением для офиса

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Product Description

Polyester fiber acoustic panel

Made of 100% polyester fiber
The sound absorption coefficient reaches above 0.9
Suitable for walls and ceilings

Different sound insulation uses

Soundproof wall

Acoustic ceiling



100% polyester fiber is heat-treated by high-tech and made into a heat treatment public method to achieve density and ensure ventilation. It is an excellent product in sound absorbing and heat insulating materials. The highest acoustic absorption coefficient is 0.9 in the noise range of 125-4000 Hz. In the above, shorten and adjust the reverberation time according to different needs, remove sound impurities, improve the sound effect, and improve the clarity of the language. It is not only suitable for professional performing arts and audio-visual equipment testing rooms, but also widely used in theaters, conference rooms, indoor gymnasiums, concert halls, classrooms, KTV, hotels, offices, family music rooms, etc. .

The softness of traditional packages, rich natural material texture experience, a variety of modern color choices, simple decorative shapes combined with modern sound-absorbing decorative art can create comfort, tranquility, modernity, warmth and elegance. indoor environment.

The special sound-absorbing mechanism creates excellent insulation properties, creating a very comfortable indoor constant temperature space.
The density is only about 0.2g/cm³, about 2 kg per square meter, which is really light and compact, which greatly reduces the load on buildings and steel structures, and creates an integrated experience of sound absorption, light body and decoration.

Acoustical absorption coefficient curve

Acoustical absorption performance test results

Acoustical absorption coefficient value -tanding wave tube

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