Индивидуальные формы алюминиевый чайник носик Шанхай Nansen

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Customized aluminium kettle spout mold shanghai Nansen


Product Description


Product NameAluminum kettle spout
TypeWater kettles
MaterialAluminum alloy, pure aluminum
Surface treatment

Blank,White washed, Polishing, 
Normal,Brilliant Polished,Brilliant Polish by handwork, Mirror polished,

caustic wash

Applicationaluminum kettle, tea pot, whistling tea kettle, jug
Production processblanking, stretching, contracting, bending, rising,punching,cutting,pressing,forming
PackingBulk packing, high-quality export carton
CertificateCO,ISO etc
LOGO PrintingAvailable




Product Pic.











nansen spout.png




 Molded aluminum kettle spout , for various diameters. used for aluminum kettle ,tea pot,whistling tea kettle and jug.can be customized.

nansen-kettle spout.png


Packaging & Shipping





Production Flow

 production flow-1.jpg

1. Aluminum circle cutting( raw materials )

Aluminum circle diameter and thickness are determined according to the size equirements of your product, purchase from suppliers directly.

2. Oiled

Apply a thin layer of stretch oil to the surface of the aluminum circle, remove the aluminum scrap and burrs left on the aluminum disc when cut circle, so that reduce
breakage in the next stretching process.

3. Deep Drawing

The oil-coated aluminum circle is stretched into a straight tube through five steps.

4. Saw Tube Mouth

The stretched tubular mouth is sawed flat, and prepared for the next sharpening process.

5. Tubular oiling

Because the sharpening in the next step is equivalent to stretching, after the mouth is sawed flat, you need to apply oil again, and remove the aluminum scrap and burrs
to reduce the damage during the sharpening.

6. Tip

A sawed straight tube,through 3 times tipping process, the diameter of the straight tube remains unchanged, the bottom diameter becomes smaller and the depth becomes larger.
7. Annealing

Through 5 times stretching and 3 times tipping, high temperature is generated in this process, which makes the product material hard, and is not conducive to the next
process production. Therefore it must be annealed to soften the material, increase the material's elongation performance, reduce bending, and water swelling damaged.

8. Bending
Bending the annealed product, filled into the water swelling mold to forming.

9. Water Swelling Forming
Put the bent product into the water swelling mold, and the high-pressure water is rapidly pressurized inside the product, so that the product material is extended to
combine with the model, and the two mold separated, until the product has the shape of a spout.

10. Saw Spout
Saw the formed spout water outlet out.

11. Blank holder
The product water inlet is blank pressing forming.


Contact Us:


Ms. Monica


Shanghai Nansen Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: Pudong District, Shanghai, China.
Tel: 86-21-2024 9001
Wechat /what'app : 0086-182 0211 2981
Email: sales at nansencn. com
Website: www.nansencn.com


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