Очистка воды Специальный железный порошок, химический порошок железа, железный порошок

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Product Introduction

Iron Powder

Iron powder used in the production of powder metallurgy iron-based products of iron powder, its quality indicators include: general chemical components, such as iron, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus and acid insolubles content, oxygen content available hydrogen loss (loss weight) of the reduction in hydrogen approximately;Physical and technological properties, such as size composition, loose packing density, fluidity, compressibility and sintering dimension stability.

Such as high density, high strength as manufacturing machinery parts, oxygen content of iron powder and compressibility (iron powder was pressed in certain pressure can reach the compact density) indicators have strict requirements.Reductive method and atomization method have been able to produce low oxygen content and high compressibility of high quality iron powder.

Main Products

iron powder for heat patch , deoxidation
iron powder for brake pads,welding
iron powder for metallurgy

welding industry powder                                
chemical application

fine powder, superfine iron powder


Iron powder specification


1.Heat pack;
2.Welding rod making;
3.As Catalyzer for Noble metal reduction, alloy additive, Copper replacement, etc..
4.Stainless steel cutting
5.Making car Brake.
6.Diamond tool production
7.As Sponge iron deoxidizer.
8.Water treament
9.Magnetic mask.


Product Packing

Packing:  25kg/bag , 1000kg/bag or as customers' requirement.

Delivery:  Within 15 days after received the advanced payment.

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