BF-CL-45 Портативный Озоновый дезинфектор кухня стерилизация, бытовой стерилизации, космос, стерилизация стерилизации

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Quick Details
After-sale service: free accessories
Applications: Hotels, homes, businesses, restaurants
Types: OzoneGenerator
Place of origin: Guangdong, China
Model number: BF-CL-45
Capacity(CFM): 8 L
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: disinfect,sterilize,purify air
Weight: 3.8 Kilograms

Promises: A year
Power supply: Plug-in operation
Brand: BAIFENG technology
Product name: Portable ozone generator
Ozone production: 5 g/h
Materials: Stainless steel
Keywords: Space Ozone Generator
Ozone concentration: 15-30 mg/L
Cooling system: Air Cooling

CL-45Portable ozone generator
The CL-45 series of portable ozone generators use an aluminum housing. Ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericide that can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy botulinum toxin. Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas at room temperature, and its density is 1.68 (air is 1). The solubility of ozone in water is low (3%). Ozone has poor stability and can be decomposed into oxygen by itself at room temperature, so ozone cannot be stored in bottles and can only be produced on site and used immediately.

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