Настенный генератор озона, УФ щелочный фильтр с горячим и холодным обратным очистителем воды

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

1. RO reverse osmosis technology, salt removal rate up to 97%, five-stage filtration, pure water can be drunk directly. 2.Built-in 7L pure water storage bucket, there is water to drink when power is off.
3. Auto-stop when no water or pressure tank is full.
4.18 minutes automatic flush RO membrane.
5. Providing 100% pure, safe an tasty drinking water, which is ideal for halthy life.
6. Can be installed on the kitchen counter or wall.
7.( RO membrane, filter cartridges and pump can choice by client requirements. ) 
Three colors: Red White Brown
8. Multiple series are available
RO system + Heating + Cooling + UV + TDS Display + Ozone

Product Name
Water purification system
Input voltage
Output voltage
Packing size
Water production
Applicable water pressure
No hydraulic solution
water source
Municipal tap water (unlimited)
Heating bladder material
304 stainless steel
Refrigeration sheet
Refrigeration range
3-15 ℃
Filter type
5μm pp + granular activated carbon + 1μm pp + 75gpd RO + post-activated carbon
Filter substance
Sediment, rust, parasites, odor, virus, bacteria, pesticide, heavy metal
Hydropower protection

1.Function introduction: 
Three water outlet designs.The red outlet is hot water.The blue outlet is cold water.And side outlet is room temperature water.TDS display.UV.
Optional functions:  Ozone.child lock.
Embedded UV sterilization is designed at the bottom of the 7L water tank. It uses the most advanced UV technology, ultra-low power and static sterilization. Through computer control, it will automatically turn on when the water is full, and stop automatically after the sterilization is completed. Sterilization and no odor, completely solve the secondary pollution problem caused by the long residence time of purified water.

2.RO purification system
5-level filtration: 5 micron PP cotton + front activated carbon + 1 micron PP cotton + RO + rear activated carbon, Layer-by-layer filtration can effectively remove sediment, rust, parasites, residual chlorine, pesticide residues, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water., limited removal of harmful substances in the water, and produce sweet drinking water.
RO RO technology is currently recognized as the most advanced and effective water purification technology. RO membranes are specifically designed to remove heavy metals from long-lasting filtration of multifouling membranes.

3.Protection :Water pump strong power, stop without water, protect the machine High and low voltage design automatic stop without water, automatic stop with full water, automatic stop with power failure.

Detailed Images

Wayward placement: on a countertop, under a cabinet, hanging on a wall
Easy filter replacement without experience

No hydraulic solution
The self-priming pump replaces the conventional water pump and is specially designed for the environment without water pressure.
The upgraded version will automatically power off without water, which is more worry-free and safer. Water sources can be basins, water tanks, jars, etc.
TIPs:In the self-absorption environment,in order to better experience ,the water pipe connecting the water source to the machine
should not exceed 2 meters,and the height difference between the water source and the water purifier should not exceed 1.5 meters.



The pressure drum, machine and accessories are individually packaged, and the outer box is a carton.

Company Introduction

Jiangsu Yaya Door Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and has its own R & D team, integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales. We have a 71,000 square meter factory and 28 production lines. Annual sales are $ 180 million. We accept OEM, product quality and innovation to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad. We are committed to creating a healthy water environment for thousands of families. Professional casting quality and integrity win the market. YaYa, looking forward to working with you.

Our Services & Strength
We have a first-class R & D team that conducts R & D, production, and testing according to customer requirements to meet multi-regional characteristics. We provide remote instruction and free training.

We made a lot of friends at the exhibition, and they all expressed their great willingness to visit our factory. We warmly welcomed them and reached a long-term cooperation agreement with friends. They come from the United States, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan, Spain, Chile and other places.
OEM We value the intent of each customer and realize their ideas one by one.


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer in China. We have our own R & D team, sales team, production technicians and factories.

Q2. Do you accept OEM?

A: Yes, we provide OEM services. You just need to send us your detailed request. We also have preferential policies for well-known brand OEMs.

Q3. How do I get samples?

A: You can order samples by purchasing directly or by contacting the sales manager. Samples are usually sent by courier, or according to your shipping requirements.

Q4. Is it easy to install?

A: Yes. We will provide installation videos. Remote guidance is also available.

Q5. How do I pay?

A: T / T.

Q6: How long is the delivery time for OEM orders?

A: We are a direct factory, we will arrange production and delivery within the shortest time after receiving payment. This time is usually 10 to 30 days, depending on the specific OEM requirements and quantity.

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