Автоматизированные системы лишения света с длительным сроком службы, тепличная Затемняющая занавеска, ткань

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Product Description

long lifespan automated light deprivation systems greenhouse blackout shade curtain fabric

Greenhouse Blackout Shade Fabric System

1.Automated light deprivation systems to precisely control the day length ;
2.Creates a super energy-efficient greenhouse that can grow herbs year round even in harsh winter climates ;
3.Light deprivation systems can double up as a thermal curtain, providing both light deprivation and energy savings .

Designed to provide a complete blackout shade option or to keep light within greenhouse from escaping,Blackout Shade Screen is a double/triple layers , UV-stabilized total shade solution. This interior covering features a top layer of aluminum to reflect sunlight and a bottom layer of black fabric to block up to 99% of incoming or outgoing light.

Benefits :
1.For sliding and hanging applications;
2.Double-layered or Triple-layered solution for complete shading with added benefit of heat retention at night;
3.Aluminum top layer also provides effective greenhouse cooling;
4.Provides more uniform light when used with supplemental interior lighting;
5.firebreak along each screen's side to limit screen-to-screen fire spread.


product name
greenhouse blackout shade screen fabric
aluminum foil + hdpe + uv treated
silver / black
shade rate
up to 99%
gram weight
according to client ' s need
roll packing with pp woven bag
5 years
free sample

Detail Image

silver/black blackout shade screen
reinforced black edge and aluminum/copper eyelets
silver/black 99% blackout shade curtain
double/triple lines sewing edges by black yarns

two layers /double layers welding edge 99% blackout greenhouse curtain
by staples
three-layer/triple layers binding edge blackout shade screen system for around 100% shading
by staples

triple layers blackout shade fabric with three/four lines sewing
sewing by black thread
double/triple layers black/black blackout shade screen fabric with three lines sewing
sewing by black thread


If a light deprivation system is installed correctly, silver black shade fabric should achieve over 99% light reduction, meaning almost complete darkness.Compared their two layer and three layer black-out fabrics and found the first achieved 99.93% reduction in light. The 3-layer fabric achieved a 99.98% reduction.
Blackout fabrics can make a greenhouse more energy-efficient by integrating a layer of aluminized fabric, which reflects infrared radiation (heat). On hot summer days, the light deprivation fabrics reflect heat away from the greenhouse, reducing heat gain and the need for cooling. On cold nights the curtains trap heat inside the greenhouse, reducing the need for heating.
When selecting a system, ask manufacturers about additional energy-efficiency of a fabric. Our standard shade fabric is a three-layer blackout fabric: the bottom two are standard black out layers, and the top is an aluminized heat-reflecting cloth. For assistance in creating a cannabis greenhouse with a custom light deprivation, please contact us for more information or a quote.


Automated light deprivation systems allow for total control of light levels in your greenhouse for commercial or herbal plants.Light deprivation is a necessary component of a cannabis greenhouse and is available in all of our greenhouses.
Greenhouses automated light deprivation systems use 12 hours of natural light followed by 12 hours of darkness. Blackout greenhouses for flowers/herbal plants grow are also available as a controlled environment to produce the desired harvest.

Packing & Delivery

blackout shade screen fabrics are packed in roll with pp woven bag ;
20ft container can hold 3.5ton ; 40hq container can hold 10ton .

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