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Status of the World Waste Treatment Technology

As people's environmental awareness has increased day by day, governments around the world have raised the technical standards for waste disposal. The main methods of traditional garbage disposal, such as landfill, composting, and incineration, have become increasingly prominent. For example, landfills occupy large areas of land. The amount of composting is small, the efficiency is low, and the secondary pollution caused by incineration, especially the pollution of dioxins, hinders its development. Therefore, the development of adaptable, efficient and clean waste treatment technology is the key to solving the problem of urban waste, and it is also the trend of developing waste treatment technology in countries around the world.

The waste pyrolysis technology can effectively overcome the problem of tail gas pollution caused by waste incineration while realizing the harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of waste, and thus becomes an emerging waste disposal technology with great development prospects. The waste pyrolysis gasification technology is also called the third generation technology of waste .

Waste pyrolysis technology application

1.Pyrolysis gasification technology has been commercialized in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea for more than ten years. Its remarkable environmental advantages have been widely accepted by governments in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.The convenient processing mode of local resources has become the dominant processing mode of environmental protection infrastructure.


2.The contradiction between the problem of garbage pollution in small and medium-sized cities and the lack of garbage disposal equipment of corresponding scale has gradually emerged.The pyrolysis gasification furnace just makes up for the blank of the medium and small tonnage waste incineration disposal technology equipment, and highlights the advantages in the small and medium tonnage garbage disposal projects.


3.The state has given great support to strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection,the state advocates “One Belt, One Road” to encourage the core technology equipment enterprises to go abroad, and the waste pyrolysis gasification technology equipment independently developed by domestic enterprises will have a brighter future in overseas markets.


Garbage Pyrolysis Gasification Technology Principle

Pyrolysis is the process of heating and decomposing organics under anaerobic or anoxic conditions. The process is a complex chemical reaction process. Including the breakage of macromolecular bonds, isomerization and the polymerization of small molecules and other reactions, and finally generate a variety of smaller molecules. At the same pyrolysis ambient temperature, the thermogravimetric analysis (TG) and the thermal re-derivative (DTG) of different materials are different.




Pyrolysis gasifier body structure



















Haiqi MSW Comprehensive Treatment Design Concept

1.Based on the principle of 3R (harmless, reduced, and resourced), the design pattern has increased the concept of intelligent and humanistic landscape, and has achieved a comprehensive system of domestic garbage.


2.The core area of the system is divided into three parts: garbage pretreatment system, pyrolysis gasification system and energy utilization system. All resource applications are based on this.


3.Specific project design and operation, according to the actual working conditions, select one or more parts of the system to meet the needs of the site.















Gasifier with boiler & steam turbine parameters


Organic waste

disposal Capacity


 Gasifier heating

supply (Kcal/h)

 Gasifier Inside

Diameter (m)




 Matched Waste

Heat Boiler (T)

 Power Generation (KW)
 20T 1,700,000 1.5 880 2   Not recommended for         power generation
40T 3,000,000 2.0 1500 4
 50T4,000,000 2.4 20005
 80T 6,000,000 2.8 3000 6 1000KW
 100T 8,300,000 3.3 4000 10 2000KW
 120T 9,300,000 3.5 4500 122200KW
 150T 12,000,000 4.0 6000 15 2800KW
 200T 17,000,000 4.5 8500 20 4000KW







Typical Cases:







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