Сделано в Китае, ветротурбинный генератор превосходного качества, плоский ветротурбинный генератор

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Product Description






Place of Origin:


Engine Type:

Steam  turbine


Turbine blade

Casting method:



Stainless steel

Surface treatment:

Sand blasting or shot blasting

Heat treatment:

Normalizing and tempering



Customized or not:



4.jpg2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg0_KDAYM)CBFJ{)N5QVV(W8_11.jpg1. Why Choose us?
We are R&D based manufacturer Compared with the same industry, our products are small size, light weight, low steam consumption,high thermal efficiency and simple in operation. (Our company's radial steam turbine won the first prize of scientific and technological innovation in Zhejiang Province the science and technology award of 20 million yuan by Anhui Science and Technology Bureau, and the Fourth Prize in the national entrepreneurship competition in 2018.)
2. How to get the quote?
There are different types of steam turbines and generators set, to choose the appropriate steam turbine and generator according to your requirements please provide us the following parameters
1. steam turbine inlet pressure, flow, and temperature of the steam.
2. Steam turbine Capacity in KW or MW.
3. Generator speed in r/min.
4. Outlet steam pressure of the turbine in case of back pressure steam turbine.
It is very important that buyer provide the information as much as they can to get the best quotation.
3. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a manufacturer as well as a supplier of various types of steam turbines.
4.What about the product quality?
We have testing and quality control department to ensure the quality of the products to meet national and international standards
in the steam turbine industry.
5.What about the price?
We only offer a reasonable price instead of high price. Different quality and at a different price. Payment through TT and western union etc. are accepted.
6.How about the shipment?
Shipment by sea and by air are accepted, it depends on the volume of the order.
7. What about after sales services?
We provide after sales services based on customer demand. we provide installation and maintenance assistance abroad as we have
customers around the globe. for more detail see above "Our Services".
8. What about Custom manufacturing?
Yes, we do custom manufacturing as well based on customer requirement.
9. How about packaging?
Standard export wooden case, iron frame and another seaworthy packaging.
10. How long is it the delivery time?
We ship our goods to China's export coast. We can't decide the time needed for other transportation, but the manufacturing time
can be discussed, and it directly depends on the order volume and necessity like urgent or normal.


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