Высококачественное рафинированное кулинарное подсолнечное масло, дезодорированное, замороженное, завод в Украине Specifications:

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Refined Sunflower Oil and Crude Sunflower Oil - Directly from Ukraine and European Producers!

Shipment by Containers only, no bulk!

MOQ 2 x 40' Containers!

Max supply 5,000 MT per month!


Refined Sunflower Oil

Refined sunflower oil is perfectly clean oil, which preserves all the nutrients during the production process. This oil can be used in conditions of extremely high cooking temperatures. Margarine and cooking fats are made of refined sunflower oil by hydrogenation. Refined sunflower oil is also used in manufacturing of canned food, as well as in soap boiling and paint and varnish industry.

We offer refined sunflower oil packed in bulk and in PET bottles. Custom design print labels and boxes for the bottles are available by request.


Refined Sunflower Oil Specification* Actual Value
Color Number, Mg Iodine 1-10 1-4
Acid Value, Mg ≤ 0.60 0.10
Peroxide Value, ½ O Millimole/Kg ≤ 10 0.5
Moisture And Volatile Matter, % ≤ 0.10 0.03
Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % 1 0.15
Clarity Level ≤ 15 2
Extraction Oil Flash Point, ºC 234 235
Fatless Admixtures, % None None
Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % None None
Soap, % None None
Shelf Life   18 Months


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