Соевая мука премиум-класса, белок 46-47% для корма животных,

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We export and supply supreme quality Animal feeds to our clients spread all around the world. We supply the finest quality and hygienic animal feedings in Ukraine. We are a large scale producers of all types of animal feed and we export and supply all over the world.


Iterm Standard
Product name  Soybean meal 
Crude Protein 46%min
Moisture 12%max
Ash 10%max

We  do supply the below types of animal feeds:


Soybean Meal is produced from cleaned, Non GMO Soya beans, after a  series of preparatory physical
processes followed by a multistage extraction of Oil. All of this is  in a highly sophisticated hygienically controlled plant. Its mainly used by poultry industry as hatchery feed. It is also used by pharmaceutical, shrimp feed and sauce making industries.


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