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Product Description

Hot sale 304 Stainless Steel Drainage Cover Drain Grates Trench Drain Cover

Drainage system include gutterway and cover .The main function is to collect waste water and transport it from the pipeline to the underground drainage ditch to prevent malodor or other substances from entering. Three-layer filtering device can reduce the risk of blockage and remove blockage. Urban drainage system can reduce the impact of rainfall or other water flow on buildings

Main Feature
1. 304 stainless steel, Long lifetime;
2.Circular arc design, 360 degree no dead angle, easy to clean design;
3.Removable deodorization core inside,water seal to keep clear water, no pollution and no odor
4.Can be designed according to the customer's factory area;

Details Images

Product Name 
304 Stainless Steel Drainage Trench Grating 
Square Floor drain
304 Stainless steel
10/15/20/25//30/35/40 *58*2.5cm
Project solution capacity
Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects
The field of application
Workshop/Hospital/ Office building/Food factory


Design Requirements for Drainage Ditch
1. The drainage of the workshop should be considered comprehensively with the drainage of the plant.
Different water ditches are used in different cleaning areas. For general cleaning areas and quasi-cleaning areas, open ditches are covered with stainless steel side rails. Hidden ditch must be made in high clean area.The indoor drainage (including floors) of the production workshop should be an open ditch without cover, and the open ditch should have a certain width (200~300mm), depth (150~400mm) and slope
(greater than 1%), and the drainage slope of the workshop floor Should be 1.5~2%
2. The water pipeline should maintain a certain slope and flow from the clean area to the unclean area.
The flow of sewage flows from the high clean area to the low clean area. Design a certain slope to avoid pollution caused by dirty water discharge. The slope of the main drainage pipe in the workshop should consider the location of the drainage outlet, its location and the slope of the main drainage pipe in the workshop should also consider the depth of the drainage pipe under the drainage outlet of the workshop and the reasonable location of the drainage ditch depth in the plant area.
3. The drainage pipeline should be leveled during construction.
There must be no unevenness and cracks to ensure the smooth drainage of the workshop, and there must be a certain arc at the turning point


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1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are professional manufacturer of industrial machinery with 15 years’ experience. 

2.What about the product quality?
a) Each machine will be tested more than 24 hours totally.
b) Noise level tested 70~75 db.
c)we use good 304 Stainless steel
d) for the engine and electrical parts, we use imported brand. 

3.What about the price?
We only offer the reasonable price instead of high price. Different quality and with different price.

 4. Can you arrange the installation abroad?
Yes, we already exported to southeast, Germany, and Africa etc. And some of them installed by our technology team. 

5. Can you accept special order?
Yes, we have R&D center with years’ experience for meat machine. Welcome to visit us. You will
get the best service and product.

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