Лаконичная домашняя 1000W 25 кг двухслойные двойной хост супер большой емкости воздуходувка электрическая сушилка для белья

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Описание и отзывы


Why should I buy it?

Are you fed up with endless rain and wet whether?
Is your clothes always wet in those annoying rainy days?
Have you ever tried to dry your wet cloth with hair dryer slowly?

Endless Rainy Days
Too wet to dry the clothes
Too slow and tired to dry the clothes

Not that troublesome! All you need is a professional clothes dryer!!!

What does it look like?

Concise Home 1000W 25kg Double Layer Double Host Super Large Capacity Air Blower Electric Clothes Dryer
Help you dry your clothes easily and quickly
Home, hotel, travel
Product size
Blue (can be customized if you order more than 200 sets)
Gross Weight
5.5 kg
Package Size
Voltage frequency
110 V /60HZ
1000 W
Working Temperature
Cloth capacity
25 kg
0- 180 min
Life Time
3-5 years
1 year

How it works?

1. Why the Clothes Dryer Can Help Your Clothes Dry Easily and Quickly?
The clothes dryer uses a high-temperature air flow to flow through the surface of the clothes to be dried, heat the clothes, and take away the evaporated moisture to make the clothes dry quickly. The commonly used heating methods include electric wire heating and semiconductor (PTC) heating. The heater made of semiconductor will automatically reduce the power in the environment (in or around the dryer). It also controls the maximum temperature to protect clothing while saving energy. Safe and reliable. It is not restricted by weather conditions, and some other new-designed clothes dryers are easily disassembled, which is convenient and saves space. Most well-designed clothes dryers can be used for heating. One machine is multi-purpose, which can bring a lot of convenience to the family. It is an effective equipment for reducing large-scale drying yards and providing drying at any time.

What's the highlight?

1. Easy to Assembly and Flexible Use
Electric clothes dryers are worth having. Whether you are renting a house, working in a hotel, going on vacation, staying in school, or being wet at home, you can buy one
2. Simple Operation and Large Capacity
It can be operated by the elderly and children. All you need to do : 1. wash your clothes after a simple dehydration or wringing, 2. hang on the shelf(up to 30 kg), 3. zip up, 4. press the start switch. Then you can go bed or watch TV.

3. Neat Clothes
Our clothes dryer is different from drum washing machine. Our dryer is healthier and more professional. Hanging vertical drying can prevent the clothes from wrinkling after drying and can be used when taken out. It is equivalent to the function of a steam iron Too.
4. Temperature monitoring and Safe
The machine has a built-in thermostat and fuse. If the machine detects an abnormal temperature, the dryer will automatically shut down and cut off the power to protect your safety.

Tips on using it

1. Wring Your Clothes
You should wring your clothes before you put your clothes in to the clothes dryer, which will help you dry your clothes more quickly and safely.
2. Not to Put Too Much Clothes
You should not put too much clothes into the clothes dryer(no more than 30 kg). It will decrease the efficiency of clothes drying. The plastic frame can not support more than 30 kg clothes too.

How can I get it?

1.Overseas Warehouse
We have many overseas warehouses in America, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium. If you are in European country or USA, we may deliver the goods from the overseas warehouses, and you can get it quickly.
2. International Express
If you just buy small quantities of goods or just samples, we will choose those international express which provides parcel tracking service, and you can know where your goods are via the Internet .

3. Sea Transportation
If you buy large quantities of our products, we may choose the sea transportation, it is much
4. Your Own Forwarder in China
That's Great! If you have your own forwarder in China, we will send the goods to your forwarder, and you can get all your goods from your forwarder in your favorite way.

Is it realiable?


All of our products and their components have passed the CE, EMC and LVD test, we can guarantee product quality.

Concise Home Clothes Dryer
3 -5 years
1 year


If the clothes dryer can not work when you receive it, you can just contact us for a new one.
If your clothes dryer can't work normally due to the natural causes, we can also send you a new one.  

Company Profile

Zhuhai Fu Qiaotong Trade Co.,Ltd
Specialized in home appliance products since 2016, mainly produce and sell insect killer, clothes dryer, ozone generator and so on.

We sell our products to Britain, Germany, Norway, the United States, Russia, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Gambia, Tanzania, Brazil and other parts of the world via Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and other e-commerce platforms.

We always pay the most attention to product quality. Every product has been produced in accordance with EU standards and has also applied for CE, FCC, FSE, UL and other certificates.

How to contact the sales for more question?

Online Massenger : Lilia Xie
Email : lilia2020@foxmail.com

WhatsApp: +86 18688150352
WeChat: +86 18688150352


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