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New arrival alcotest alcohol tester breath alcohol detector breathalyzer alcohol detector traffic police

Product Description


ZM2100 is a new rod type pump rapid alcohol inspect instrument.The core part of this instrument adopts high-tech electrochemical alcohol sensor, which can quickly check the alcohol content in the exhumed gas, and has strong anti-interference ability.

ZM2100 has a compact keyboard, menu operation and friendly human-computer interaction interface, making the operation more simple and convenient;Color LCD display is more intuitive and clear; The high brightness alarm indicator makes the law enforcement warning atmosphere serious; Non-contact air inlet design ensures the health and safety of the tested.

ZThe M2100 rapid liquor detector is widely used for rapid liquor inspection in traffic police departments,rapid alcohol detection in large enterprises and institutions,gas station, bus station, hospital, bus company, museum, chemical plant, coal mine, etc to avoid unnecessary losses caused by drinking.





Product feature:


Bar design, beautiful appearance, no need for blow mouth.

Continuous rapid automatic detection, no need to press the button to complete the test.

Rapid analysis techniques, results in a second.

Matrix alarm lamp design, the result is clear.

Equipped with flashlight lighting function, suitable for night operation (optional).

No contact pump suction, more environmental protection, more health and safety.

The instrument adopts advanced ultra-low power consumption microprocessing controller.

Color liquid crystal display, beautiful and clear.

Provide real-time time display function.

Two-level acousto-optic alarm information, screen display alarm type (voice alarm (optional)).

Under voltage, automatic shutdown without operation.

Alarm point adjustable, test unit can switch.

The test information has large storage capacity, and can store the results no less than 100 times, which is convenient for query.



Product Parameter:


Model: ZM2100

Sensor type Electrochemical alcohol sensor

Measurement range:0-220mg/100ml 0 1.000mg/L

Preheating time: no preheating required

Response time: less than 1 second for the results

Sampling method: air pump suction, active continuous suction

Drink-driving threshold:0.090 mg/L(20mg/100ml)

Drunk driving threshold:0.363 mg/L(80mg/100ml)

Storage temperature:-30℃~70℃

Working temperature:-10℃~50℃

Continuous working time: hundreds to 2,000 times (related to battery capacity)

Battery capacity: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries 3.7V2000mA


Weight:about 160g

Calibration period: 6 months



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