Цифровой светодиодный дисплей температуры и влажности, внешний водонепроницаемый датчик AS108E

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Описание и отзывы


AS108-E It is a high precision LED temperature and humidity display, it is equipped with an external rainproof sensor, can record outdoor temperature and humidity data all day long.
These data can be transmitted to the computer via USB or Modbus RTU protocol for real-time monitoring and recording.

1. Feature
- Large LED display
- Rain proof outdoor sensor
- Real-time temperature and humidity recording and transmission
- High precision
- Wall hanging

2. Application
Warehouse, laboratory, farms, weather station, greenhouse etc.

3. Specifications
Model: AS108-E
Temperature range: -40~+80
Humidity range: 0~99.9%RH
Accuracy: ±0.3℃; ±2%RH
Power supply: 5V (adapter) or USB
Size: 297*210*20mm
Weight: 0.15kg
Sensor: external sensor

How to use

How to installation rainproof sensor
This sensor is designed for outdoor, but also work indoors.
1. Install on a post or utility pole using a matching screw and steel sleeve ring (Included in the product).
2. Install on the wall using matching screws (Included in the product).
How to connect PC and store data
1. Contact by USB: required to connect the device and PC by USB
2. Contact by WIFI: Please order AS108-W
3. Output modbus RTU: Please order AS108-H (485)

Other Settings
You can click Settings, and then you can do temperature and humidity recording Settings, including calibration, alarm Settings, buzzer Settings, record spacing Settings, time Settings.

You may have questions about the operation between different models, please refer to the instructions or contact us for details.

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1. Is the product in stock?
A: Yes, the products are in stock for a long time to ensure on-time delivery.

2. Lesong and ASAIR?
A: Lesong is a subsidiary of ASAIR (Aosong), responsible for the online sales business of sensors/transmitters on Alibaba and other platform.

3. Our main products?
A: We are a professional intelligent sensor/transmitter R & D and manufacturer (MEMS IDM), the main products are high precision temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity transmitters, oxygen sensors and a series of high quality products.

4. Are you the manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are an intelligent semiconductor sensor high-tech enterprise (MEMS IDM) ASAIR, mainly producing sensors, transmitters, temperature and humidity instruments and other products.

5. Our shipping address?
A: Our warehouse and office are located in ASAIR, Guangzhou. Will deliver goods in Guangzhou, and we free shipping within China. If you think the freight is too high, you can contact us for the latest freight. We need multiple freight routes to choose from.

6. Can I cut/increase the cable/change label/change baud rate/see actual product?
A: Of course! Just contact us: Click here to ask us

7. What can you buy from us?
A: Temperature and humidity sensor / probe / transmitter / meter / model / chip, flow & Air quality etc. custom product.

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