Мощный промышленный измельчитель бумаги с прочной

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Brief introduction of cardboard shredder machine:

The corrugated cardboard boxes that need to be discarded are turned into "free" soft and fluffy green and environmentally friendly packing and filling materials, and used for the transportation and packaging of fragile items.This paperboard expansion and cutting machine is the first self-developed, produced and registered patent in China. It has been widely used in developed countries.It is a supporting product for paperboard color printing carton factories.It is cost-effective.This product is produced by high-tech companies.In the export of products,it adopts microcomputer control,designing confidential devices,photoelectric detection,and implementing human security protection. It also has a cutting and receiving frame and cardboard for ultra-wide automatic cutting.

Technical data of cardboard shredder machine:

Advantages of cardboard shredder machine:

1.High return:the value of waste paper after processing will be more than 3 times,the profit is very considerable.
2.Wide range of uses:It is used in corrugated paper box (color box) end customers, manufacturing, as filling or cushioning material in packaging; such as precision instruments, meters, appliances, ceramics, glass, crafts, furniture and other industries .
3.Waste utilization:can handle irregular waste cardboard, unqualified cardboard boxes,color boxes, cartons, with or without printing, can solve the difficult problems of corporate managers.
4.Green and environmental protection: paper products, recycling, no pollution sources; the state explicitly prohibits "non-degradables" as filling materials, which can be used as substitutes for some chemical products.
4.Technological innovation:The performance of this product is very stable. Compared with similar foreign machines, it has a better price-performance ratio. The price of the whole machine is at least 30% lower and the price of accessories is 50% lower. Moreover, the after-sales service is also convenient and fast in China, and the warranty service is perfect for users. Save the cost of use.

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