Частная этикетка, биоразлагаемая 100% натуральная Экологически чистая Коньячная губка в форме полушара с крафт-коробкой

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Product Description

Customized Package Konjac Sponge
100% Konjac powder & Bamboo Charcoal
Face & Body
Shape & colour
Hemisphere, heart-shaped, customized, colour as shown
Kraft paper bag/box & Opp Bag
All modes of transportation, including DDP

NO modified, Restore the natural beauty of the pads.
What you see is what you received.

First of all: We have the ability to print sticker provided UPC code on the package

Secondly: Shipping by AIR via DHL only 3-4 working days, by AIR via DDP 8-15 working days,  Shipping by Fedix need 7 working days
By Sea, By Air, By EMS, by TNT is Avaliable

Last but not a least: Welcome to test our samples, Absolutely the best, Looking forward your inquiry

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Packing & Delivery

53 cm X 48 cm X 39.5 cm

Company Introduction

Shenzhen HaoKey Tech Cosmetics
· We are a 12 Years Manufacturer
· We have 2,000 stable customers
We have a total turnover of up to 10 million USD
· We are the owner of 9,000 of transactions
We have your own professional customer service
· We have advanced machinery and equipment
· We have a strong factory raw material supply chain
· We can fulfill any demand you buy 
You choose us, you choose the profession, choose the quality


Do you have the same question?

Question 1: what is each kind good for?
Answer: The main ingredient in all 5 colors is konjac powder from the konjac root plant. The color differences are made by the natural additives that are infused in the sponge and processed with Konjac root powder.
BLACK: 100% Konjac powder & Bamboo Charcoal extract powder. For acne, blackhead and pimple control.

Question 2: how many uses can you get ouy of one of them? 
Answer: They will last longer if you are diligent about hanging them to dry between uses. Mine have lasted for months. I keep one in the shower and one at the sink. I have used several brands and they all have held up about the same. Best thing I have ever used on my face. 

Question 3: will these help remove age spots? 
Answer: Age spots or sun spots, what ever you call them are all collections of pigment or melanin, that often appear after exposure to uv light- and usually get darker and multiply as a result of being in the sun. Daily exfolitaing with my Konjac Lydia Sponges can minimize their appearance which helps slough off dead skin ce… see more

Question 4: What are these konjac sponges for?
 i mean how do they work? 
Answer: Use with or without cleanser to wash and gently exfoliate your skin. I use it with my face cleanser every night on my face and neck and hands...I absolutely love it.

Question 5: Are these soft enough without damaging the skin if there's acne? 
Answer: yes, just make sure you've properly soaked the sponge before each use. Make sure it dries completely between uses to prevent the growth of mold, also.

Question 6: Where is the best place to hang these up at? In the shower or somewhere else? 
Answer: It's not necessary but it's best to hang them in a well-ventilated area so they can dry out quicker. They come with two plastic hooks with adhesive that can stick to any wall.

Question 7: Where are these sponges manufactured? And from where are the ingredients sourced? 
Answer: The package says they are 100% pure konjac dietary fiber from the konjac plant root. Distributed by Media Exchange, St Paul Minn. Made in China. Neutripure.com. That's all the info on the package. Hope this helps. I've been using these for about 6 months and I really like them.

Question 8: Do these come with string to hang them up? / hooks that are water resistant? 
Answer: There is a string attached to hang them up

Question 9: Am I right to assume that rubbing alcohol would damage this sponge. If used to disinfect it with? 
Answer: Yes I think it would, you can use a facial cleaner of your choice with it.

Question 10: I am very worried about using these; they smell like burnt hair. I've never had a konjac smell before, and these are made in China, so that concerns
the sponges work well for me

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