Высокопроизводительные устройства для защиты от флокулянтов, устройство для защиты окружающей среды

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Products Description

Flocculant "SUIMU" is a product to recommend to people having trouble with handling of liquid waste.
I let an unnecessary part and water separate waste water like the following photograph when I use "SUIMU".

before processing
「SUIMU」after processing

Large size
Regular size

Even if the water after having handled it in "SUIMU" finishes a creature, I am purified so as to be harmless.
"SUIMU" is a product of patent acquisition finished, the aquatic examination finished in Japan.

The chief ingredient of "SUIMU" is because it is a natural system mineral called the zeolite.
It is the safe product which is used for the decontamination of the reservoir of Fukushima in Japan.

"SUIMU" supports various waste fluid such as waste water of the water-based paint or the waste water of the natural system of a river and the pond.
How to use of "SUIMU" is very easy. I put it into target waste water directly and only stir it for several minutes.

I can order the size of the product which I can order from one with 10 kg of size (*10 bag of 1 kg) and hermaphrodite state of the entering 20 kg bag both.
In addition, the sample product of 50 g of size is providable for free, too.
Please test it.

The person having interest, please feel free to contact us.

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Company Profile

We develop it with production of flocculant "SUIMU". The chief ingredient of "SUIMU" is eco-friendly with a mineral called zeolite. We leave a good grade in the aquatic habitation examination with the water after having handled it in "SUIMU".

"SUIMU" is used a lot for the purification of the polluted reservoir with cesium of Fukushima in particular. "SUIMU" is available for various waste fluid such as the waste fluid of the factory or waste fluid of the paint as well as it. In addition, "SUIMU" is a product of the patent acquisition finished in Japan.

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