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Product Description

What is sea grapes?
Sea Grapes is a kind of algae species (caulerpa lentillifer) that is very popular in Japan and in some parts of south-east Asia.

The name comes from the appearance of the seaweed that looks like tiny clusters of green grapes.

The bubbles are actually the leaf part of the underwater plant. They grow on a long stem that is also edible.

In Japan, it goes by umi-budō, meaning “sea grapes.” Sea grapes are called “green caviar” in English, because the string of shiny pearls “pop” upon eating—much like munching on a frond of roe. In the Philippines, you might hear the same seaweed referred to as latô or arosep; in Sabah, Malaysia, it’s known as latok.

Product images

Salted sea grapes
- Sea Grapes packed in fresh salt water.
- Storage time: 6 months
Fresh Sea Grapes
- Fresh sea grapes
- Storage time: 3 - 6 days

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