2020 сельскохозяйственные пластиковые сетчатые теневые сети 80% черная УФ ламинированная вязаная сетка для растушевки для фермы и теплицы

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New HDPE Plastic Agriculture / Outdoor Sport / Construction / Building Safety Sun Shade Net
2020 Hot Promotion Plain Wire Black Sunshade Cloth Shadow Net
Agricultural sun shade cloth is made of high density polyethylene ( HDPE ) virgin material with UV treatment and anti-oxidants . It has some extremely outstanding features such as landscape covering , block the harmful ultraviolet rays , light weight , easy to install and high strength and so forth . Certainly , It possess many functions , shading , keeping moisture , adjust greenhouse ' s temperature to adapt variable climate changes & optimizing climate and improve the growing environment of all kinds of crops ( including flowers , vegetables , fruits , herbs , other plants ) , thereupon then avoiding the huge damage for plants due to adverse climate conditions . Shade-net can be used in farming , garden , construction sites , car parking and greenhouse cultivation rooms and other agriculture field . Reinforced shade net can be a shading tool for balcony , swimming pool , outdoor areas and etc.Offering light reflection & transmission and breathable effects to help plants for better growth .
Notice !
--- our shade cloth is 100% new material ( not-recycled )
--- provide high shading rate and different shading rate shade net to satisfied your individual demand
--- long lasting shade cloth with uv treated ( 5-10 years life under normal weather condition , in special areas , beyond 10 years lifetime )
--- excellence knitting stable sun shade cloth ( provide two main types : round wire and flat wire )
--- customized color , size and gram weight according to client ' s requirement .
--- printed logo on this fabric we could provide and reinforced edges add grommets
Product name
plastic shade net / agriculture use shade cloth
100% HDPE new material with 3% Anti-aging
black / green / blue / yellow / white / orange / other color can be customized
Gram Weight
20 g -200 g
Shade Rate
20 % - 98 %
50 m / 100 m / 200 m / 500 m / 1000 m / unlimited
0.5 m - 16 m
roll packaging with transparent plastic bag
5 - 10 years
After covering in summer, it plays a role of light blocking, rain blocking, moisture preserving and cooling. It is widely used for sunshade and cooling of roofs, balconies, windows, car canopies, etc.; cultivation of vegetable greenhouses, flowers, fruit trees, edible fungi, and cooling and heat preservation of various farms.
1.100% virgin HDPE with UV woven/knitted agricultural sun shade net ;
2.Sun shade net is used to protect plants from direct sunlight and offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion, reflects summer heat and keeps greenhouses cooler ;
3.The plastic shade net is made of High Density Polyethylene or Aluminum tape with UV resistant stabilizers, which enables our nets extremely durable, tear-resistant and long life span. After covering, the sun protection net can block light, rain, heat insulation and cool down. It also acts as a warming and moisture barrier in spring and winter ;
4.Our sun protection net for plants has shading capabilities ranging from 20% to 95%, making it possible to adapt the system to crop growth requirements ;
5.Our sun block netting is easy to install and remove, which can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under the framework ;
Detailed Images
any color can be customized
40% shading black sun shade net
50% shading white shade net
70gsm black color sun shade cloth with blue edges
55gsm black color sun shade cloth with red edges
95% shading orange shade net
95% shading blue shade net
cheap price dark green shade net with net eyelets
black shade cloth with reinforced edges and metal eyelets & black triangle
many color sun shade net
reinforced round wire shade net with grommets
silver aluminum sun shade net
golden aluminet shade net
Packing & Delivery
shade nets are packed in roll with clear plastic bag
20 ft container can hold 3.5 ton ; 40 hq container can hold 10 ton .
1. Agricultural: provide shade against sunlight,frost,wind and hail damage and to control temperature, realization of high yield, high quality agricultural cultivation technology.2. Horticultural: can be used for flowers ,fruit trees in greenhouse or greenhouse covering or outdoors. 
4.Animals feeding and protect : can used for temporary fencing feed lots,chicken farms,etc.or protect plant against wild animals. 3. Heat insulation on roof:lower the temperature of the steel building,the housetop,and hot wall.
5. Public areas: provide a temporary fencing for children's playground,as a shade sail parking lots,swimming pools,beaches 
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Our factory
Henan Fengcheng Plastic Co. , Ltd.specializes in manufacturing and export kinds of plastic knnited product such as shade sail,shade net Our company promises "the Best Quality, the Best Services and the Best Credit". Our main products are various types of shade net ,fence net, shade sail,anti hail net ,anti insect net ,anti bird net and so on .They are widely used for agriculture . Our annual output reaches 1,000 metric tons.our produce main market such as : Europe ,Soth Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, trusted by our customers both at home and abroad. all of our customers has built a long-term good business relationships with us and get mutual development.

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