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VCI-510B Water-base Antirust Agent

  • Product description

The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, used to replace the anti rust oil, fat, a new type of vapor phase inhibitor. Transparent semi dry or dry anti rust film can be formed, and it still has good rust prevention performance at high dilution ratio.At the same time, we added the VCI vapor phase inhibitor. When VCI molecules evaporate into a confined space, will form a protective barrier on the surface of the metal, to protect the metal get better.

  • Product features

1. Water soluble anti rust agent, no pollution to the environment, its very safe.

2. Excellent rust resistance, can completely replace the rust proof oil, grease.

3. It has a unique gas phase effect, protective no coating or difficult to reach the surface.Have a good resistance to hard water performance. It is easily removed from the metal surface by an alkaline liquid.

4. Indoor anti rust period of about 1-3 months.

5. Easy to clean, it is easy to clean off the metal surface with the alkaline cleaning method.

6. Good thermal stability, at 177 degrees C still have good anti rust properties. It forms an anaerobic film on the surface of the metal.

  • Physical Properties

Oil class



Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid



Oil film thickness


Tive densities(15/4℃)

Flash point(℃)


  • Packaging storage

200L a barrel, sealed in a cool, dry, clean, ventilated warehouse at room temperature.

  • Application guidelines

1. It is used in precision parts, compressor, engine, cylinder, turbine, cylinder structure, steam condenser pipe, boiler, cooling system and heat exchanger.Protection against rust during long-term shutdown of parts and equipment in transportation and storage.

2. The use of spray, brush coating, soaking and other methods can be. According to different rust requirements, can be diluted with water use, the maximum amount of up to 1:20.



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