Красочные 1lb силиконовый лодыжки энергии браслеты подъема обхватывает запястье

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DON'T SWEAT IT - this simple design makes it easy and comfortable for you to wear and remove, enabling you to stay focused on your workout. Crafted from environmentally friendly silicon, steel, and fastened with a comfortable elastic strap and velcro to ensure non-slip during your activity.
FREE BONUS - Easily store or take with you in the compact, chic carrying case. Take with you to the office, gym, your favorite studio, business travel, and vacation. This modern, sleek design will have you being the most stylish member in class, at the gym, or on the trail. Choose from multiple colors.
TAKE YOUR WORKOUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Burn fat and build muscle by adding some resistance to your workout to tone your legs and arms like never before.
ADD TO ANY ACTIVITY - walking, running, pilates, barre, yoga, home works, circuit training, or you name it! This product is water proof, sweat proof, odor proof, and easy to clean. Just rinse with water after use.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL - adjustable fit on ankles and wrists of all sizes for men, women, and children.IMG_3747(20201012-232812).JPGIMG_3742(20201012-232703).JPGIMG_3743(20201012-232709).JPGIMG_3744(20201012-232717).JPGIMG_3745(20201012-232728).JPG



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