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Products Description

What is Kaolin
Kaolin is a kind of kaolinite mineral clay and clay rock that has good plasticity and fire resistance. Hebei Chuangsen supplies calcined kaolin and washing kaolin, with good quality and pretty competitive price. Existing product specifications: kaolin 325 mesh, kaolin 800 mesh, kaolin 1250 mesh, kaolin 4000 mesh. Widely supplies ceramics, rubber, paint coatings, paper, coating, chemical packing and other industries.

Kaolin Characteristics:
1. High refractoriness.
2. Physicochemical stability.
3. Bulk density high .
4. Low porosity.
5. Low water absorption.
6. Fully calcined
7. Low impurity content.
8. White or nearly white.

Kaolin Introduction
(1)The main composition is kaolinite, content of about 90% or so Particle size less than 22 mm
(2)Kaolin easy to disperse in water or other liquids, have satiny feeling ,earthy taste. Density is about 2.54-2.60g/cm3 melting point about 1785C
(3)Kaolin has advantages of high brightness low impurity and strong chemical inertia and easy to disperse in water and oil based structure.
The feature of kaolin
Associative viscosity and contact degeneration drying performance sinterability firing shrinkage refractoriness suspension
property and dispersion adsorption and commutativity chemical stablility electronic insulativity
Kaolin Application
(1)Kaolin widely used in ceramics glass paper rubber daily chemical industry agricultrure and so on
(2)calcined kaolin clay is mainly used for manufacturing high-quality refractory products refractory castable sagger klin
furniture crucibles ceramic fiber precison casting sand ceramics products ,etc.

Whiteness(R457,%):  ≥93min
Particle size(-2μm,%): 95±3
Screen residue(325mesh,%):  ≤0.003
oil absorption(g/100g): 62.5±2.5

Kaolin Application
1) Paper- making Industry: It is mainly applied in the coating paper, art paper, white board paper, corrugated paper, coating
white board paper; Cast coated paper and so on . It is more applicable in gravure printing for its good loose depth and elasticity which can guarantee less leaks and spots.

2) Coating Industry: Its whiteness, smoothness and non- transparency can be well improved by adding Kaolin to the pigment in the process of coating paper and paper board.

3) Oil and Paint Industry:It can well improve the viscosity, fluidity, anti-precipitation and so on. The enamel glaze slip'
properties of floatation, viscosity, adherence and thermal casting resistance can be well improved by adding Kaolin because it can make the cast enamel more adhesive to iron billet. Kaolin also plays the role of anti-precipitating when used in water paint. It is also a kind of good inorganic latex agent.

4) Rubber Industry: In the production of cable rubber and plastics, kaolin can improve the abrasiveness, hardness, anti-shock and extension rate.

5) Plastic Industry: It plays the role of reinforcement with its good dispersion. It also can stop the infrared rays of wavelength from 7-14um in thick film so as to increase the temperature in the shed.

6) Ceramics: It is widely used in high and low voltage ceramic, all kinds of ceramic billet and enamel; It is also applied in all kings of refractory.

7) Cable Industry: It can greatly improve the specific volume resistance, dielectric strength, retardant effectiveness with its
good dispersion and reinforcement

Main USES of kaolin
Kaolin has a range of applications which are grouped in three main areas: paper, ceramics and refractories.
Demand is most in the manufacture of paper where it performs two separate functions- as a filler to improve printing
characteristics and as a coating pigment to enhance the surface properties of the paper such as the brightness, smoothness, gloss and ink receptivity etc.
In the ceramics industry the main function of kaolin is to impart whiteness . Its major uses are in vitreous china sanitaryware, table ware, wall tiles, electrical porcelain…
Kaolin is used in refractories where it is valued for its alumina content.
Performance mineral applications use kaolin as fillers in paint, rubber , plastics and adhesives and sealants and pharmaceuticals.
Other important uses include the manufacture of white cement and glass fibre.

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